From Mrs to Mommy

I remember making a blog post years ago which I titled “From Ms to Mrs” (or something like that), so I found it only appropriate that after such a long hiatus from writing, I make my entry back into the blog world with a copycat title.  As much as I thought that “Mrs” would my favorite title of all time, “Mommy” sure has captured my heart.  Some days I look at where we are in life and am in total disbelief that God chose to bless us with our babes.  We do not deserve them…or any of what He has blessed us with, to be perfectly honest.  I didn’t anticipate taking this post off on a tangent, but the Lord is leading, so I’m going to follow.


I was asked to sing a song for our Good Friday service by our youth pastor at church and when he told me the title of the one he wanted me to sing, I’d never heard it before.  As I practiced and learned the words, they took deep root in my heart and I think about them almost everyday since.  It speaks of living our lives in remembrance for all Christ as done for us.  The part that gives me goosebumps each time I think about it, is the line “You’ve been so so good to me, you’ve been so so good to me; Oh to think where I would be if not for You, if not for You…”  My life has been SO blessed because of His grace and His love for us.  The only thing good in me is because of Him.  If not for Him, I’d be the same mess I was when He found me and sought me. There are still days when I fail as a Mom, as a wife, as a sister, as a friend.


He’s teaching me and stretching me more than I could’ve ever imagined in this role as a stay-at-home-Mom.  This blog has a new direction.  Sure, I still have my passions — home decorating on a budget, healthy/balanced eating and nutrition, a homeopathic/chemical-free lifestyle, and fun, affordable fashion — but there’s a deeper and a greater purpose in my life as a Mom — “raising up these babies in the way they should go so they never depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). My hope is that this can be a place where we can relate, encourage, and build one another up, supporting in love and truth.  So, here we go again! Two babies later and the blog is back 🙂 I hope you’ll join me in the journey!


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