The Flex Belt

When the folks at The Flex Belt first reached out to me about doing a review on The Flex Belt, I’ll admit, I was very skeptical.  Just like I don’t believe that any potion or pill will turn your body into the perfect physical specimen, I didn’t believe that an electrical muscle stimulation tool would give me cut, six-pack abs.  How could it be that there was a product out there that allowed me to do everyday tasks such as laundry, dishes, and housework, while I tightened and toned my abs?  If such a product existed, wouldn’t everyone be already using it?  Before I agreed to try out The Flex Belt, I did some serious research – I didn’t want to waste my time, or the company’s.

What I came to find is that the Flex Belt is actually a medical grade product with toning technology which is worn around your waist and activates abdominal and oblique muscles using low level electrical signals which force your muscles to contract and relax periodically (EMS – electrical muscle stimulation).

*Clinical research findings proved that:

  • EMS noticeably improves physical fitness of sedentary adults after 6 weeks
  • EMS produces a physiological response similar to mild-to-moderate cardio vascular exercise
  • 4 weeks of EMS helped significantly improve basketball players isokinetic strength and squat jump results
  • 12 weeks of EMS improved rugby players isokinetic strength, squat strength, squat jump, and drop jump by up to 15%
  • After 3.5 weeks of EMS on patients who had total knee arthroplasty there was a significant change in quadriceps muscle strength and activation
  • Muscle mass loss was slowed down for critically ill patients when EMS was used

*this information was research I did on my own about EMS

This is what convinced me that this wasn’t your average “miracle product” — that it was, in fact, unique to the industry, and had scientific foundations to back its claims.  The site explained that The Flex Belt simply promotes muscle confusion, thus, the numerous program options available for use on the device.  When our bodies are doing the same exercises over and over, they adapt, making the workout not nearly as effective as it was the first time we began it — something I’d already learned in an Exercise Science class that I’d taken.

My second question – is it safe?  I mean, when I really got the concept into my head about what the product would do, I thought to myself, ‘this sounds a liiiiiittle too much like shock therapy’…it’s not.  It has been cleared by the governing body FDA, making it “fit for purpose”.  I also took comfort in the fact that many users of the product had positive things to say in places like Facebook and other reviews.  In fact, the more I read, the more excited I was to try it out.

Before I knew it, the package had arrived!  Within the box contents, I found three electrode pads, the belt itself, a remote that attaches to the belt, and a charger for the belt remote.  Along with it, were the instructions and start up information.  Before using it, I charged it up.  I hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect, as far as how it would feel, when I first strapped it around my abdomen using the adjustable velcro tabs and hit the power button.


You can set the intensity level between 1 and 150 (the higher the number, the higher the intensity) and the belt has 10 pre-designed programs to choose from.  The display screen on the “remote”, shows you exactly how much time is left and allows you to adjust the intensity on the left and right sides separately.

direction  So, what does it feel like?  The sensation isn’t particularly explainable, but if you can imagine small electrical currents pulsating your abs to the point of contraction.  It isn’t PAINFUL, per se, but it isn’t completely comfortable either… I mean, you’re technically “doing an ab workout”, so why would it be “comfortable”?  Also, I found that it’s important how high/low I place the belt.  If it ends up too close to my hip bones, it sends a weird sensation the whole way down my leg that I was not a fan of.  Also, if it was too close in contact with my ribs, the same thing happened –  it doesn’t feel too good.

So, does it work? I’ll say from my personal experience, my abs/obliques have gotten sore from using the belt (my husband, Jarid’s have too!).  I actually didn’t follow the 6-week plan, and instead did my own thing — I could absolutely tell a difference in how firm my core became – no joke – in my lower abs, especially.  I don’t go based on appearance, because I already had a pretty tough core (not super defined, but definitely strong) before starting the Flex Belt sessions.  I also eat a very clean diet for the most part (you can’t expect to eat junk all the time and have a 6-pack just from using this product).  While at the beach, I allowed a few of my family members to try it, just to see what their opinions were.  One of them who tried it was cracking up laughing the entire time.  She said it felt like it was tickling her more than anything.  She mentioned that I should probably state in my post that if you have an excess of abdominal fat, the belt will probably feel the same for you and not work too well.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed most about the belt:

  • I could literally work my abs while I was sweeping at home, doing yardwork, or washing dishes – the ability to multi-task is a HUGE plus.
  • You can adjust the belt to hit the “trouble areas” that are difficult to reach through exercise
  • It eliminates the pain I feel in my neck from doing crunches!
  • It’s FDA cleared and medical-grade

An important thing to remember is that this is absolutely NOT a weight loss product, it is a core strengthening tool.  I’ll admit, the cost of the belt is a little steep, too– then again, workout equipment isn’t cheap either.  Each Flex Belt system costs $199 – much more affordable than purchasing your own ab bench 🙂 Oh, and a whole lot less work & time, too.


Also, the company offers a 60-day, money back guarantee, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with The Flex Belt, that is always an option for you.

If you’d like to read more about it and possibly make a purchase, please CLICK HERE.  They have an excellent FAQs section in case there was any aspect of the product that I haven’t touched on and that you’re curious about!  We’ve already worn out our first set of electrode pads, so I’ll be placing an order soon for some more!  Thank you so much to the company for sending one to us for this review!  We actually love it and use it just about every evening while we’re winding down before bedtime.  I can’t wait to see the results after a year of using The Flex Belt according to the program since I’m already seeing tons of improvement already!


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