The New Normal.

Thank you all so, so much for your kind words, supportive comments, and encouraging hearts during one of the most difficult times our family has ever experienced.  I’ve thought to myself SO many times… how can people who don’t have faith in Jesus make it through times like these?  The assurance that we’ll all be together again someday is consoling.  Without it, hopelessness would surely have consumed my heart.  I feel like I’ve been neglecting some important things that have happened in our lives since the “new normal” came to be.  Things that have been joyful, even in the pain.

promThings like my youngest sister, all dressed up for her Junior prom.

It’s true what they say about time flying…I can’t imagine what it will be like to watch my own children grow, as quickly as it seems to pass watching my sisters.  My middle sister, Myranda reached a milestone recently as well.  She’s officially a BSN from Messiah College and I can’t describe how proud I am of her.  She’s going to make such an amazing nurse!

usMy Mom and Dad surprised her with the cross necklace that used to be Mama’s… or, as Myranda would call her, “Grandma B’s”.

mommaIt was a very special day… one that Myranda reached after facing several trials.

Her persistence and dedication truly paid off.  I can’t wait to see the different ways God will use her in this field.  It reminds me of something that one of our friends at Bible Study said… that each of us is so unique in that we are the only ones who come in to contact with the people that we do each day.  God gives us each our own little “missions fields”, and it’s something that we really need to take seriously!  Each and every interaction with the people we encounter will either draw them closer to Christ, or push them further away.  Our testimony should always be drawing others near just by the way we live.

Randa’s Grad party was combined with our Memorial Day picnic, since they were so close together.

Just as a small part of her grad gift, I printed off a bunch of pictures for Bear of her with her Messiah friends, random Missions trips she’s  been on, softball team pictures, and just all around college stuff that I figured she would want to keep memories of.  I bought a float frame, although it wasn’t utilized to it’s full potential, as I placed scrapbook paper behind the pictures.  I found that cute chevron wrapping paper at the Dollar Store, and I dressed up the package by googling “how to fold $$ into the shape of a heart”, just to add an extra $10 to the check we put in her card.

There was swimming, eating, motorcycle rides, and baseball in the yard.



Memorial Day was tough for me.  I remember distinctly going to the Memorial Day parade, just to hang out with TT, because he went every single year.  I remember he showed Jarid and I where the tombstones of those in our family who passed away while serving their country.

Just last week, the Halifax Girls’ Softball team, of which my youngest sister is a player, Mom is the head coach, and middle sister is a volunteer, won their first District Championship since 2004, when my cousin Brandi played.

teamTalk about an emotional high!??!  Both teams played a great game, but I was so happy for my Mom & sisters.  After all we’d been going through, it’s the little rewards like these that help us stay positive.  Giving God the glory, my Mom humbly accepted the ice bath that the girls bestowed upon her following the win.  She’s been getting phone calls from all kinds of news papers all week! It’s amazing that I get to call her my Mom.

I thought it was so cute that the entire game, my Mom kept the gift I made her for Mother’s Day in the dugout with her.

I guess since this blog is supposed to be about health and nutrition as well as day to day life, I should probably include some workout and food pictures? 🙂

My workouts are always a combination of cardio and strength training.  Jarid and I usually have “cool down” by taking a stroll around the neighborhood.  We have such a fantastic place for it!


And here are some eats as of late:

In the mix you’ll find, cinnamon roll Quest Bars, peppermint chocolate Chocolove, peanut butter quinoa cookies, avocado & tomato toast, carrots dipped in peanut butter, spaghetti squash (prepared two ways: one with swiss Laughing Cow and turkey bacon, and one with chicken sausage, red sauce, and garlic), creme brulee coffee, gluten free pancakes and turkey bacon, no sugar added cheesecake froyo with berries, gluten free Wild Tomato turkey sub, and tacos!

Saturday we will be leaving for a week long beach trip and I couldn’t be more ready to get away.  I think this post is a testament that God is faithful.  His blessings haven’t ended and He will continue to be with us and be there for us in hard times.  We just have to stay faithful to Him, praising Him, even in times like these, when you can’t seem to see past the hurt and reach for the healing.  Two of my favorite songs right now have been “The Broken Beautiful” by Ellie Holcomb and “Broken Hallelujah” by The Afters.

With that, I’ll say, welcome to the new normal.


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