In The Meantime…

Albeit, time is not something I have a lot of these days, God put it on my heart to post today.  See, he’s been teaching me a lot lately… probably because I’m seeking Him more than I ever have before.  Time with Him everyday has become essential… not out of obligation, but out of hunger to know more.  Along with Bible Study every Monday night (which, I might add, I look forward to every.single.week), I’ve been digging into the Word and really have a burning desire to know more.  Awesome, right?!?

It’s been an answer to prayer for me.  I don’t get joy from reading.  If you’re anything like me, you can’t stay focused on something like reading scripture for more than like 15-20 minutes at a time.  This is why I’m thankful for things like my Sermon Audio app (can you say, endless Francis Chan messages!?)  Christ is moving in a BIG way.  Also, there’s a series right now that Francis is doing everyday until Easter.  The messages are FREE, but they’re only good for 24 hours, so at 11:59PM, today’s won’t be available anymore, and tomorrow’s will start.  Check it out!

In other news, two VERY near and dear ladies celebrated birthdays since I’ve posted last, so you know I need to give them some attention 😉

First up, was da Momma ❤ I know everyone seems to think this about their Mom, but mine really is the strongest, most beautiful one in the world.  🙂 She has been the mainstay of our family.  I don’t know what other way to put it.  I’m so thankful for her strong faith, support, and love that’s followed me my entire life.  In celebration, we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse!  I’ve gotta say, these meals were pretty delicious for a chain restaurant (which I’m not typically a fan of).

Top left was Jarid’s meal.  Steak with a fried egg and mashed potatoes, beside that, my sister’s delicious looking salad, and lastly, my filet with steamed vegetable medley and asparagus.  For her birthday, I bought Momma a cute lilac-colored cardigan with a hood, and my sisters and I are going to take her on a day trip to the beach on a Sunday of her choice!  It’s her favorite place to be, so we want to spend time with her there, just Momma and her girls.  Jarid and Poppa are going to have to find some manly bonding activities to do that day 😉  I’m sure they’ll think of something!

Secondly, my middle sister, Randa Bear’s birthday!

yayRanda’s birthday gift was a-whole-nother story… Before my great-grandma passed away, she’d given Myranda an adjustable, sterling silver ring that looked as if someone had twisted a metal, skeleton key.  She wore it ALL the time, but somehow it went missing, and Bear has been very upset about it ever since.  When Momma asked me if I knew where to find another one, I scoured Ebay and sent the seller a message explaining our situation. Although the listing wasn’t supposed to end for another 6 days, and we needed the ring to arrive in 3, the seller not only ended the listing for us, but brought the price down to our range so that we could bless my sister with this sentimental gift.  God was definitely moving and it’s so nice to see the good and caring in people shine through.  Needless to say, Bear was thrilled.  Gift giving was followed by another delicious dinner, but this time at Texas Roadhouse.

threeShe may be my “little sister”, but she has more talent and heart than I think SHE is even aware of.  Beautiful, inside and out ❤

jakerandaOh, and we finally met her boyfriend this weekend while we were at my parent’s for Sunday dinner!  His name is Jake and so far, I approve 🙂  In fact, he seems to fit right in with our family.  While these guys were outside chilling on the porch, Momma was inside showing Jarid to roll out the dough… on the menu?  Homemade Sausage Pot Pie!  I stole her recipe, and I’m going to have to make a gluten-free version in the very near future!  For my meal, I brought a simple dish of spaghetti squash and chicken sausage with a sauce made from Light Ragu (no sugar added) and Tribe Forty Spices hummus.  Actually, it hit the spot!

After dinner, we played Liar’s Dice, until it was time for Once Upon a Time to come on TV.

Other happenings?  One of the biggest highlights is that we’ve had more time to spend with friends lately!  We’ve been getting together with Julie & Mike (once a week, as our schedules permit), and were able to get together with Simon, Amber & Gracie again!

One of our favorite things to do is get froyo!  Sweet Frog has a flavor right now that I’m IN LOVE with… NSA Mint!

On a not-as-exciting note,  this weekend was the first we’ve been able to start our yard work!  The flower beds in the back of our home are a MESS.

I started out tackling them in rain boots, because I figured they’d be easiest to clean the dirt off of, being rubber and all…

boots… but it was SO warm out, that I couldn’t bare to keep them on very long.  After filling one trash bag with roots, weeds, and branches, I changed into my Crocs…

feets…which were a filthy mess in no time at all.  I wish I’d been wearing my heart rate monitor all the while I was tearing up our flower beds… I’d be willing to bet that the three hours we spent out there burned a crazy amount of calories… it was vigorous!

Meanwhile, Jarid was sanding our TV stand down so we could repaint it!

standI’m thrilled with the way the color turned out. Our house went from dark reds, greens, and purples to light, corals, mints, and golds.

Believe it or not, after our day of mostly being outside, I got my very first tan lines of the year!

burnThey’re faint, but I promise, they’re there!  All this warmth lately called for a cool and refreshing drink! A sugar-free Mango Slurpee from 7-11 did the trick.

slurpLook out, Spring! We’re coming for you!


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