Easy Canvas Prints – 50% OFF COUPON

logoAs you may or may not know, depending on how long you’ve been reading my blog, I’m obsessed with DIY decor, crafting, and photos.  One of my favorite ways to decorate our home, is by using canvas prints (only when I can find good deals, of course, since they can be incredibly expensive!).


When Easy Canvas Prints reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try out their website, order a complimentary 8×10 canvas, and review my experience on the blog, I jumped at the opportunity!  Thanks for the referral, by the way, Jessie!

Anyway, when I first created my account, I saw that the website is very user friendly, which is great!  You can even use photos from your Instagram or Facebook accounts to create your own custom canvas!

The first option they give you, is whether you’d like one single canvas, or if you’d like to conjure up an entire, beautiful wall display for your home.  I chose the single canvas, because the promotion I was offered was for an 8×10.


As you can see, the larger the canvas, the bigger the price tag.  I LOVE that the website gives you a preview of the size in relation to the wall/couch, because it gives you a good idea of just how large you’ll need based on the look you’re going for!

wallBecause the size we received is rather tiny, we will probably end up displaying it in our bedroom or on an end table, rather than on our wall.

Another neat option that you get to choose, is the thickness level to which you’d like your canvas wrapped.  This is where the option of framing comes in as well.

thicknessI selected the “standard gallery wrap” because that’s what was included, and I think the basics are plenty for what I’d be using the canvas for!  Another thing that I totally appreciated about Easy Canvas Prints, is that they enable you to check the quality of your photo to make sure that the canvas image doesn’t come out fuzzy or pixelated.

imageI was really pleased with the way our print turned out, and it shipped pretty quickly, too!  Here’s the final product from three different angles.

Since we’d just gotten these photos taken for our Christmas card, we hadn’t had time to get any printed and framed for our home yet, so this was perfect timing!  The process was quick, easy, and painless.

Thank you SO much to Stephanie for working with me and supplying the canvas to me for this review!  Guess what?  Stephanie has gifted YOU guys with something, too!  A 50% off promo code for your order with FREE SHIPPING.  As a thank you, you guys should all head over to their Facebook page “like” it! I’m telling you, you need to take advantage of this offer!  I think I may have to order another canvas in a larger print!



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