Christmas 2013 Part II.

After the gifting was finished, we all sat down together for a lovely brunch.

The gold-rimmed glasses with orange juice always make the perfect finishing touch to the table on Christmas morning!  There was baked stuffed french toast (complete with raspberry pudding drizzle), a ham, egg, & cheese bake with hash browns on the bottom, and of course, Christmas cookies!  I brought an omelet made with 2 eggs, nutritional yeast, sea salt, pepper, and a splash of unsweetened almond milk!  I would make something to share, but I know I’d get stuck taking all but what I ate home with me, because everyone usually goes for the “classics” that come from my Momma’s oven 😉

Post brunch, we headed to Jarid’s parents’ house for our Christmas with them.

snydersAnother reason I didn’t over-do it at brunch?  I knew we had plans to eat lunch with his family… of course, that didn’t stop Jarid 😉 When we arrived, after hugging and saying our “Merry Christmas”es, Momma Snyder and started working on the meal.

lunchtableIt came together rather quickly, actually.  I mashed the potatoes, Dori carved the meat, and the boys were in the living room chatting.  My contributions to the meal included mashed cauliflower (made to taste like mashed potatoes), roasted tomatoes with a touch of Parmesan cheese and olive oil, and a garden salad.

lunchOh, and I diced up some avocado to bring along, too!

After the meal, Jordan (Jarid’s brother), and his girlfriend Kate and her children came to open presents!  It was the first I’d met both Mason & Kaylee, and I completely fell in love with them.  🙂

gorgeousWe’d gotten them each a little something for Christmas and it was so much fun to watch them open!  I can’t imagine how excited I’m going to be when the time comes that we have our own children on Christmas morning.

Anyway, next stop: Grandma Hess’s!

hessEvery year, Grandma Hess and one of Jarid’s uncles dress up like Mr. & Mrs. Claus.  Each of the parents brings along a gift for their child, and it gets thrown in to the sack without their knowledge.  Then, when “Santa comes”, the kids each get a turn sitting on his lap and they receive their gift!  It’s adorable to watch all the little ones in awe of the big guy 🙂

us3On the way home, we made one last stop at my Aunt Teena’s house (can you tell I look exhausted in the above picture?!), where the rest of my Momma’s side of the family had been for the majority of the day.  I am not looking forward to cutting out some of our stops when children come along, but I fear its inevitable.  There’s just no way we will want to drag our kids to four different stops on Christmas Day when they’ll probably be wanting to play with their new toys!


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