Christmas 2013.

Yes, it is 2014 and I am FINALLY getting the time to post about Christmas (last year ;))  On Christmas Eve, the same as every other year, we traveled to Lancaster to visit and have “Christmas” with my Dad’s side of the family.

We surprised my grandparents with a large collage photo of all the grandchildren from Colleen & Co, who I might add was completely amazing.  We were in and out of our shoot in a matter of 25 minutes… not to mention, she managed to make us all look great together!

Forgive the quality of these photos, they were taken on my iPhone of the proofs book that Colleen gave us.  I couldn’t get a hold of the original images, so these don’t nearly do Colleen’s work justice, but you get the picture 😉 Turns out, it was just the gift that made my grandparents tear up.  They were so cute when they opened them!  We really enjoyed the time with our cousins, aunts, uncle, and grandparents.

Our next stop on Christmas Eve was back at my parents’ house!


The tradition used to be that we all gathered in my Nana & TT’s house, but Momma took the reins a few years ago.  Still, TT provided the delicious shrimp (which I wasn’t at all hungry for, so Nana snagged me by very own bag!), crab meat, and all kinds of other goodies.  After everyone has had their fill, we head downstairs for the kids to open presents.

kenkenYes, Nana & TT are STILL giving ALL the kids Christmas gifts.  Completely unnecessary, yet incredibly sweet.  I can’t wait until we have little ones to join in the fun!  Nana & TT also gave Jarid and I gifts!  They are just too much.  I’ll have to photograph them later, as I didn’t snap a picture yet… but I’ll give you a hint… Longaberger!

Anyway, soon it was time to head home!  We didn’t want to miss out on Santa stopping at our house!  After all, it was only our second Christmas in our house and we wanted to make it just as memorable as the first.

santaWe put some cookies out for the big guy that our little friend, Kaylee gave us!  She decorated them to look like Jarid (right) and I (left).  Sweet, right?  Kaylee is Jarid’s brother’s girlfriend’s little girl and we just adore her.

morning2Christmas morning came quickly, and I could not wait to give Jarid a few of his gifts, although he’d already gotten his big one when we went to the Redskins/Cowboys football game.  Anyway, he waited very patiently to get the “Christmas morning” pictures out of the way so we could begin gift giving!

One of my favorite things about this man is his thoughtfulness.  Each and every one of my gifts had a charming little name in the “to” label.

He also “gets” how incredibly picky I am about clothing, so he asked for my help most of the time, but he did pick out a few things on his own!  First and foremost, I was THRILLED that as a gift, he gave me an upgraded phone!  I went from the iPhone4 to the iPhone5s!! Secondly, he was brilliant and got me something that I’d only mentioned in passing, but never realized how much I would truly love.

prejuiceMY VERY OWN JUICER!  He hit the JACKPOT with this one!

I had to try it out right away… I was THRILLED!  My very first juice consisted of 1 whole cucumber, 1 navel orange, 1/2 a small apple, a few sticks of celery, 1 garden carrot, and 1/2 yellow pepper.  SO FRESH, so delicious.  I have so many other combinations I cannot wait to try!  Ginger, beet, fennel, kale, lemon, pear, etc.  Also, I’m a big fan of the froth.  I can’t imagine anyone using the attachable strainer at the top of the pitcher to keep it from coming into the cup! How gorgeous are the colors, too?!  I’m saving the pulp as well, for a recipe, so stay tuned!

The things I was most excited to give Jarid were a pair of Sperry’s that he’d picked out awhile ago and forgotten about, a hand-painted *by yours truly* Cowboy’s mug, his Under Armour hoodie, and a Nerf gun (to which I kept the counterpart hidden so we could have a battle!).  Some other, less exciting gifts included two thermals from Express, a Cowboy’s tee shirt, and candy.

I LOVE that I get to enjoy Christmas morning with my sisters and parents, too.  Jarid and I got ready for the day, packed everything up, and headed to my Mom’s for Christmas morning traditions!

The girls, Jarid and I were stoked to give Daddy his big gift from us…. STEELERS tickets!  I think he may have been a tad more excited about his gun safe, though 😉  It didn’t matter.  I was just so glad I had this time with them in the morning.

As usual, before we started gift giving, we prayed together and thanked God for all we’ve been blessed with.  We prayed for the people in our lives and our families who need help right now, the ones who are facing addiction, illness, and situations far bigger than themselves.  Ones that only God could give them strength to deal with.  We thanked Him for each other, our health, our homes, our jobs, and our friends, but most importantly, for sending his son, Jesus to the world to save us all from an eternity in Hell, separated from Him.  He loves us THAT much.  Can you believe it?  All you have to do is accept Him.  He wants nothing more than his children to run into His arms.

Part II coming soon!


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