The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Our home is completely decked out at this point… the adorned  Christmas tree, the framed printables (thank you, Pinterest), and the end table decor combined makes for one quite festive living room.

Of course, I still have a handful of gifts to buy, even more to wrap, and a bunch of baking I’d like to do before next Wednesday.  HOLY COW.  NEXT WEDNESDAY.  I better get moving.

My parents had decided they’d like to get rid of their Bow Flex a little while ago.  When they first mentioned it, I figured I’d help them sell it!  I’m sure it would be nice for them to have a little extra cash during this time of the year (or anytime, for that matter).  Who wouldn’t love that, really?

crossbowAnyway… I ended up taking it off of their hands… 😀  Pops loaded it up and brought it down to the house for us!  He is amazing.  He even stayed to help us get it set up!

The first thing I tried was the cardio rowing…

…and I absolutely LOVE it.  It just may be my newest favorite cardio workout.  I can totally feel it in my arms, too! Recently, I’ve taken more of an interest in shaping up my back and shoulders.  I want definition.  After my workout, I tried one of the delicious samples I got in the mail from Jay Robb!

jayrobbAll this time, I thought I didn’t want a blender bottle with the wire ball inside… Jarid has been wanting to get me one for awhile now, but I told him I didn’t need one… after using the one I received, I definitely change my mind.  It’s going to be so convenient for traveling!

This particular instance, I used my blender, since I added some frozen banana, but I’ve already used the bottle and

proteinThe egg white chocolate protein was delicious.  Not chalky tasting in the slightest!  It tasted like a malt milkshake, if I’m being perfectly honest.  I added some ice, almond milk (unsweetened), and banana with spinach to this one.

I also had the chance to try on of the Jay Bars that I was sent!  FUDGE. BROWNIE.

brownieI think the name speaks for itself, but since other bars can be deceiving, I’d describe it a little bit to you… Made with ZERO gluten, glycerine, aspartame, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, or trans fats, this bar managed to taste like a dense, fudgy brownie straight out of the package.

centerbarIt was literally the hybrid of a brownie and fudge.  It was also chewy.  I’ll be doing a full review soon, so stay tuned 😉

To completely change the subject, I’ve got some special photos to show you!  I’m sure this is one thing that some of you dread about holidays… getting my photo taken stresses me out…

…Which is a total change-up from when I was younger and begged to be in every single shot.  In fact, I was the biggest photo bomber EVER.  It’s a real challenge for me to stay positive about myself when I see pictures and feel like, “EW, is that really what I look like?!”… It’s probably one of my biggest faults, not to mention, I’m sure it’s annoying for my family to have  to deal with… my being so picky about pictures!

Not to get all “deep” on the blog, but there are some real insecurities that women can feel about themselves…especially when they’ve gone through a time where others were downright MEAN to them regarding their physical appearance.  Been there, done that.  Some words can never go unsaid, and there is permanent scarring that never goes away.  I’ve just come to realize that I can’t allow my confidence and my view of myself to be hindered by things that came from the hurtful words of others. I have to keep God’s words in the forefront of my mind… the ones that tell me, “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made“…That’s what this blog is all about, though, right?  God made me JUST the way he wanted me… round face and all 😀 I should be praising Him for that, not wishing it were different!

Thanks, God… for everything you’ve given me… including my chubby cheeks 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

  1. Glad you are enjoying the bow flex. We have the bow flex revolution and it does SO much, but I hardly use it ( which I guess I should). I just hate learning how to adjust all the parts and pieces when I want to do a different work out.
    P.s your decorations are cute. And you are beautiful, embrace that!

  2. This was the perfect post for me to see today. I was feeling a bit bad about myself, but you’re right– that’s not what I should be focusing on. Thanks, love.

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