Seasonal Preparation.

This time of year, everyone’s “to-do” lists seem to be a mile and a half long.  There is always something to be done.  While I adore all things Christmas, I am not a fan of the cold, the insane shopping malls (and people), or icy roads.  Biggest pet peeve = incompetent drivers.  As a Christian, I’d say driving is probably the biggest test for me and something God has been working on in me for awhile.  I cannot seem to wrap my head around why everyone can’t just drive the same way I do… you know… the most LOGICAL way…the way we were INTENDED to drive… Ha.

Anyhow, I’ve been enjoying some pretty fantastic moments with my family lately, to change the topic to something a bit more positive… Choosing the Christmas tree!

walkinFor the past few years, we’ve traveled to Maurer’s Tree Farm.  It’s only about a 30 minute drive, and it’s something I look forward to every year.  Momma & Pops intentionally schedule it so that Jarid & I are able to come along, which I’m very thankful for.


There are pony rides for the kids, hot chocolate for the families waiting to have their tree wrapped up/drilled, and there’s a cute little gift shop with all kinds of homemade goodies from scarves to hand-painted decorations.


Lucky for Dad, he doesn’t have to bear the burden of chopping down the tree, here, either!  We simply find a winner, tag it, and they do all the work for you!  Dad’s only job was to keep Momma warm… 😉 As it should be, right?

ww2We probably had way more fun than any family should.  I’ll bet the people around us were a tad annoyed with our giddiness, but that’s their problem, I suppose!  It truly was a great trip and a fun day, regardless of the bitter, windy cold on the hill where the trees were planted.  As you can see, we’re a good looking bunch.  😀

A week later, it was time to decorate (after we took some Christmas card pictures in the snow, but more on that later).

caliCali wanted to be in on the action, so we left her with the less popular ornaments (JD’s Patriots, Ohio State, and Flyers balls — BOOO).  JD wasn’t able to join us until later… we missed him!  Especially Jarid and I, since he came right before we had to leave… the roads were snow covered by the time we finished up, so we didn’t want to risk sliding the whole way home.

babyJarid got a kick out of the girls’ and my ornaments with pictures from Preschool in them.  Each of us had made them, and each was as precious as the others.  I don’t know that I have permission to post the girls’, so I’ll bear the embarrassment and post mine.

earringJarid made himself a sweet ballerina earring out of one of my favorite ornaments, too.  I always knew I married a stylish man. 😛

Soon the tree looked stunning, adorned with colored lights, and each of our ornaments from over the years.  Daddy was the only one left with a job to do!  The final, finishing touch… our angel!

daddyAs usual, he handled it like a pro.  Perfectly straight and perfectly lit on top of the tree.  Jarid and I hoped to stay longer, but the anxiety of the unknown conditions of the roads near our house was motivation enough to get us out the door.  The freezing rain was on its way and we, in no way, wanted to be stuck in it!

More on our Christmas pictures later.  Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Seasonal Preparation.

  1. I love your posts! They always make me smile and all giddy inside. 🙂 You and Jarid are so perfect for each other!!!! ❤ I'm so glad you enjoyed spending time with your family. I think it's okay to be giddy, especially with your friends and family. It's a way we can show love. 🙂

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