My daily devotional struck me pretty directly this morning.  See, I have a weakness for fashion and clothing.  It’s the only thing I really spend money on, other than food, bills, and tithing.  In fact, if you follow me on Pinterest, you can probably attest to my ridiculous amount of “Threads & Accessories” pins.

fashionpinsOf course, I am that girl who refuses to ever pay full price for anything… especially clothing, because it’s such a disposable item, but I can do some damage in a thrift store…or during this time of year when stores are running some crazy sales and promos.  I find myself ogling these gorgeous outfits and scouring eBay for the perfect item to complete the look… when, really… I have MORE than enough already.  I’ve tried to justify it by saying that I’m actually just recycling, since I’ve been selling all my old clothing on yard sale websites, but, what I could be doing with the money is much bigger than myself… DONATING.  HELPING a family in need.  BUYING Christmas gifts for others (which, in all fairness, I have been doing as well).  I felt all kinds of shame last week when we visited a church where GENEROSITY was the message.  Sure, I was replacing all my old clothes with new, yet thrifty ones, but what was I doing to help the people who could really use help during this time of year? The message really brought to light the fact that one of the GREATEST characteristics of Jesus followers, is generosity.

devoAnd this devotional was another good reminder.  I may not be quite ready to adopt two little girls from Africa (although I would love to adopt one day), but I can make a difference in the life of one person… probably MANY people, if I just look around and see/meet the needs.

In the message we heard in church on Sunday, the pastor stressed that the giving shouldn’t be something we do begrudgingly, as an obligation.  But instead, it should be because we love Jesus and genuinely want to show His love to others.  In a world where most people are clinging tightly to what belongs to them, there’s an obvious difference in someone who is willing to give the shirt off their own back to help a stranger, or someone they don’t feel deserves the help.  Sacrificial giving is another thing that was discussed.  We shouldn’t worry about “what if”, we need to worry about “what is”.  “What if” something should happen to our car and we would need to spend a lot of money to replace it?!  Being smart about saving is one thing, being reluctant to help others because of our worrying nature is another.  God will provide.  Have faith in that.  He will always give us everything we NEED.  If you trust Him, you’ll have no problem giving.  After all, we have been blessed beyond measure to have the things that so many do not… clothing, food, a home, a job, a car, etc.

I like to think of it as “faith in action“.  Give someone something to be truly thankful for this holiday season ❤


2 thoughts on “Enough.

  1. What a beautiful post. ❤ Thank you for the reminder to look outside myself and serve others. That is where true happiness and joy can be found — in Christ and serving His lambs.

    • Couldn’t agree more! It was definitely a great reminder for me 🙂 I couldn’t go another day without sharing! I love when Jesus speaks like that.


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