CALLING ALL MOMS & WIVES: Meet The Sneaky Chef

logoFor all of you whose homes turn into a battlefield every time you mention a vegetable being brought to the dinner table… for all of you whose children turn up their noses at the sight any and every edible green thing…for all of you whose husbands look at you as if you have three heads when you tell him you’ve made “zucchini noodles” for dinner that night… This post is for you! 🙂

authorMeet Missy Chase Lapine, also known as, The Sneaky Chef!  Missy is the author of a New York Times bestseller, The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals.  She has worked with Eating Well magazine, appeared on The Today Show, and is a member of Parenting Magazine’s team of experts, among other things.

bio_daughtersShe’s got two sneaky daughters, Sammy & Emmy, so she knows first-hand, what it’s like to try feeding picky eaters, especially with a concern for nutrition and making sure they’re getting essential vitamins and minerals!

Missy was on a mission to create quick, easy, and stealthy ways for families to get healthier.  On her website, there are several free recipes and ideas for you to work off of as well!  You can also purchase items developed by The Sneaky Chef such as

foodsVeggie elbow noodles, veggie spaghetti, cheesy red sauce, smooth red sauce, no-nut butter,

Missy’s book is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble bookstores.  Thanks to the company, I was sent two of these wonderful veggie filled products for this blog review!

First up, No-Nut Butter.  This peanut butter replacement is a fabulous option for children who have food allergies and don’t want to miss out on the goodness that is a PB&J.  Made up of NON-GMO golden peas, No-Nut Butter is 100% peanut and tree nut free, all natural, gluten, soy, and dairy-free, and also comes in a BPA free jar.

PBYou also won’t find crap ingredients like “hydrogenated soybean oil”, high-fructose corn syrup, dyes, or artificial flavors.  Thank heavens!  One thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of is the added powdered sugar, but they keep it to a minimum with just 4g per serving.  The texture of this stuff is uber smooth and creamy and has a lot of substance.  I loved that I didn’t have to stir it all around to make it look aesthetically pleasing.  I get grossed out when there are all kinds of oils floating on top that need to be mixed in… I can only imagine what kids are thinking when you stir that junk into their peanut butter!  I’ve already tried using it in my Best Ever Chocolate No Bake Cookies recipe and it is divine!

Next: Smooth Red Pasta Sauce (even though I used it as Pizza Sauce :D).  Let’s start with the coolest thing about this sauce… the ingredients list.

Ingredients: Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Sweet Potato Juice Concentrate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carrot Puree, Sweet Potato Puree (Sweet Potato, Water), Red Bell Pepper Puree, Cauliflower Puree (Cauliflower, Water), Zucchini Puree, Onion Puree, Celery Puree, Sea Salt, Garlic, Squash Puree, Spices, Dried Onion, Citric Acid.

bowlNothing but vegetables and spices.  Just what the doctor ordered for those veggie haters…and the best part is… they never even have to know!  I feel deceitful saying that, but let’s be real… I’m sure some of you Moms/wives are getting desperate.  I know that with my husband, if a dish looks a certain way (veggie packed with too much green stuff), he automatically has this preconceived notion that it will probably be tasteless and earthy.  Also, there’s a disclaimer that before he tries ANYTHING I make, he asks if there are mushrooms or avocado in it.  Using this sauce, he didn’t suspect a thing 😉  EIGHT hidden veggies are happily blended into this sauce… and it is delectable!  You can use it as pizza sauce, in lasagna, and for spaghetti!  The possibilities are actually endless.

Check out their Facebook to find a store near you where you can load up on some Sneaky Chef products!


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