One Year Anniversary.

Hey, strangers.
Remember me?
It’s been a week or so.

Believe it or not, I have been married for one year *and one week, now* and still find myself waking up in the morning finding it hard to believe that this is the life that I’ve been given.

Yeah, it’s that goodBlessed is the only word I can use to describe it, but that doesn’t seem to come close to the amount of gratefulness and undeserving that I feel.  To fill you in a  bit on what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t blogged in so long, let me start at square one.  Celebrating the first year of wedded bliss… New York City style.

Jarid and I have been wanting to see the big apple for quite some time now.  We enjoy exploring new places together, and, although we’ve each been there separately, there was still so much that we hadn’t been able to experience yet.  Plus, everything is more fun with him.  Thanks to a great friend of ours, we were able to navigate the city a little better and accumulate a plan before we took the trip.  She gave us the brilliant idea to drive to Westfield, NJ, where parking is free on the weekends, and hop on the NJ Transit, riding it from Newark, NJ straight in to Penn Station.  Thank you, thank  you, thank you Jilly Bean!  It worked out so perfectly.


Our alarms were set for 5am.  We wanted to get an early start since the drive to the station was about 2 hours long and the train was scheduled for 8ish.  A perk to leaving so early?  We felt like we got the entire day for the site-seeing and experience in the city.  There was not a minute wasted!


Oh, and this sunrise was an additional bonus.  Because I’m such a planner, I’d written down a bunch of options and addresses for things we could do during the day.  I had a feeling there would be a ton of walking (and there was) so I wasn’t worried about waking up extra early to get a sweat session in before we left.

thingsIn my notes, I included the opening and closing time, the price, the address, and if provided, a phone number… just in case 🙂  Everything was fairly close together, with the exception of Central Park.  We decided on the Museum of Modern Art and Central Park, for sure, since neither of us had been to them.  I scored a student ticket to the museum because I happened to have my HACC ID on me!

Jarid was thinking ahead as well, and downloaded movies onto his tablet for us to watch on the train!  We ended up just talking most of the time instead, though.

We arrived in NY at about 9:45am, and the first thing we saw, leaving the station, was Madison Square Garden.  It was then and there, that we decided to put “seeing a Knicks game” on our bucket list.

msgWe never really stopped to get a map of NYC or anything, we just walked until we found things that were appealing.  I promised not to allow my type A personality get in the way of a relaxing day of meandering.

One of the first things we stopped to see was the M&M store.  The aroma of chocolate flooded over us immediately after entering the building.  The scent only grew stronger as we approached the third floor!  There were so many flavors of M&Ms I’ve never even heard of before and one of the women even told us there was a top secret flavor in the works!

Walking around, alone, there was so much photography-worthy scenes.  We made our way to Time Square, Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, CBS Studios, the Rockefeller Center, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Before we really dug into the depth of the museum, we decided to get a bite to eat!  We bought our tickets for the museum before lunch, so we found a little hold in the wall nearby, which actually turned out to be insanely delicious.  Apparently gourmet delis are abundant in NYC.  Lucky us!

As you can imagine, gluten-free bread wasn’t an option, so I went with whole wheat.  I was surprised that it didn’t affect me too awful much!  In fact, it tasted amazing 🙂  I’ve come to the conclusion, that while I do my best to make sure I’m only eating whole foods and gluten-free items, a little bit of whole wheat here and there won’t tear me up too much.  Also on my sammich, was freshly sliced (no, really… they used a meat slicer right in front of me) Boar’s Head honey turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and sprouts!  Why do sandwich shops in PA not make them like this?!?

lunchDon’t worry, they had “man food” for Jarid, too.  Bacon & swiss burger with fries for him.  He said it was delicious!  And they make everything right in front of you.  Additional bonus?  The Nebraska game was on during our lunch!

After stuffing our faces, we were on our way back to the museum.  Stopping to take in everything around us as we walked.  Before we knew it, we’d arrived back to the six-story museum, we’d bought tickets at, an hour before.

I can’t even begin to explain the beauty that we took in as we explored each of the floors.  Some even took my breath away as we approached the exhibit.  An example?  I’m sure you can guess…

starrynightVan Gogh’s Starry Night,  a painting I’ve always hoped to see.  Quite honestly, this photo doesn’t do the painting justice, as I’m sure you could imagine.  I tried to get close enough to get a detailed take on the brushstrokes, but the bouncer-looking gentleman guarding the painting quickly threw and arm out and asked me to step back.  Ha.

After the museum, which took a good couple of hours, we made our way back to Broadway, where there was apparently some type of flea market.

I was thrilled to find full-sized bottles of Essie nail polish 3 for $10.  A total steal!  Now that I think about it, I probably should’ve just gotten the “minis”, which were 3 for $5, if my memory serves me right.  That way, I could’ve tried out a few more colors!  Besides, who really empties one full bottle of nail polish?  I don’t think I EVER have.  Oh well…

At some point we stopped to admire NBC studios, where Jarid found the biggest stash of gear from some of his favorite shows –> The Office & Psych!  Somewhere along the way, we also stopped at the LEGO store, as you can see above.  That huge dragon was made entirely out of legos.  Neat!

Onward and upward we went from there to Central Park!  I would love to have been able to go for a run through this place.  It’s huge!  We didn’t go too far in, but we explored a few bridges and envied those cute couples in the carriage rides!

I couldn’t believe how expensive it would’ve been…  just 20 minutes was $50!  On our way back, we stopped for a little afternoon snack… as soon as I spotted Tasty Delite, I knew we had to go!  Helloooo froyo.  It was a tad chilly outside, but never-the-less, the frozen yogurt tasted just as delicious as always.

I went with the Greek flavor, which tasted just like “tart”, after having tried the Chocolate Coconut Macaroon and Pineapple Cheesecake flavors as samples.  🙂 The people who worked there were so sweet to us!  Jarid settled on Raspberry before he even thought about any other flavors.  Good thing he’s decisive, because I’m definitely on the other end of that spectrum.  It gave our legs a nice little break to sit in the shop and enjoy a treat together.

After, we walked and walked and walked some more.  Checking out different shops, scenery, and areas of the city.  I actually have a friend living up there right now, who was only 10 minutes from us, enjoying a festival in Little Italy, but unfortunately, I had no idea how to get there.  I was hoping to see her before we left the city, but all our efforts to meet up at different times never worked out.  😦 Miss you, Lynds!

Around 6pm, our tummies were rumbling, so we sat down for a nice dinner pretty close to Penn Station at a place called Ruby Foo’s.

candleThe restaurant was packed, so we ended up at a cute little table that was near the entrance.  It was incredibly intimate and I loved the decor.

foosThe service was excellent, too!  Our waitress was such a sweetheart.

chopsI started off with a summer vegetable salad… (forgive the dark photos!)

saladCucumber, edamame, tomato, watercress, and watermelon

…and for my entree, decided on pad thai which came with shrimp & chicken!

thaiIt was seriously the best I’ve ever, ever had.  The portions were huge, too! Jarid, who ordered the chicken & pineapple fried rice, and I both ended up taking half of our dinners home.  They made fantastic leftovers!  I felt so, so spoiled by the end of the day.

nightThe city reached a new level of beauty when we went outside after dinner and saw it at night, all lit up. It really was an incredible day…

kisses…and the best part is, we took off the Monday that was actually our anniversary to recuperate! It was utterly perfect.  ❤


2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary.

  1. Awwwwhhhh! I remember when you announced your marriage and showed pictures from your honeymoon — it’s so crazy that’s it’s already been over a year! ❤ I'm so glad you guys got to visit NYC, a place you've been wanting to go for a while. 🙂 I went to NYC a few weeks ago with a group from my college and I really liked it! I wish I could have gone inside the M&M factory — we didn't have time, but I guess having to rush to watch Wicked on Broadway is a good enough excuse. At least I can see what it looked like on the inside from your pictures. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary! ❤

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