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I can’t tell you how many times people ask me if I still eat things like bread and pizza since I’ve gone gluten-free.  While I’m an advocate of whole foods like sweet potatoes, corn, and quinoa in place of processed bread and pasta, I, like any human, want to have the option of eating “fun foods” once in awhile, too.


This is where Sweet Christine’s Bakery comes in.  Christine has a neat story that you can read in full on her page, but in a nut shell, she found out that she had Celiac Disease in 2005, and was tired of trying gluten-free products that were tasteless.  She’s a Mommy of three and had dedicated herself to gluten-free baking experiments to perfect her products before they started selling in stores as they do today.

allnaturalAs you can see, Sweet Christine’s vows to use quality ingredients, which I believe, are the reason why her products are so darn delicious.  Plus, all of her products have ZERO grams trans fat!  She makes everything from pizza crusts to brownies to breads, and lucky for me, she really is sweet… sweet enough to send me a little package of goodies to try out for this review on the blog!bread breadstat

The sandwich bread was so perfect!  It didn’t have that typical cardboard taste that a lot of gluten-free breads I’ve tried usually do.  I like that the first ingredient is brown rice flour, too.  Knowing that I’m getting some whole grains is important!  A short ingredients list is a plus as well!  I even used this stuff to make my husband a grilled cheese on the stove-top!  You know it’s good stuff when I can get it past him 😉

Next, are the Home Style GF Pizza Crusts:


These little individual crusts are perfect for packing lunches.  I pre-made mine in the oven and then simply heated it up in the microwave the next day at work!  When everyone else was chowing down at our last staff meeting, which our director ordered pizzas for, I didn’t feel left out at all 🙂  It was nice to be able to participate without sacrificing my digestive system.  The crust texture is defintely different than your typical pizza, but the taste was still pretty good.  Overall, I’d probably give it a 7/10, only because it was kind of hard to chew.  I’m a little biased, I suppose, because I enjoy a more fluffy crust rather than this super thin, crispy type.

Third, we have the GF Baguette!


I wish the brown rice came first in the ingredients list, but I realize I’m  being nit picky.  🙂  This loaf is perfect for entertaining!  You can make your own bruschetta appetizer, or even make a meal out of the baguette using some deli meat to create a long sub to share!  Another great idea for the baguette would be to create pull apart cheesy bread!  You could slice the baguette up and place cheese in between, baking until melted and the bread is crisp on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside…. YUM.

I’m saving the best for last…. that’s right… DESSERT.  Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies.

brownieinsideThey’re by no means “health” food.  In fact, they pack quite a high calorie punch…. but they’re delectable.  Wellness is all about balance, right?  🙂  I stashed this guy in the freezer upon receipt, because I figured, out of sight, out of mind.  I also ate it in three different sittings.  Talk about exercising will power! Haha.

Thank you so much to Christine for sharing all of her goodies with me.  I thought it was really neat that her website also provides Celiac resources for those who may be new to gluten-free eating.

Check out her online bakery to try out some gluten-free products for yourself!  You’ll find much more than the items mentioned in this post… there are doughnuts, muffins, cookies, and cakes, in addition!


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