Friday Fun!

Well guys, 8/19 marked the beginning of the Fall semester.  Yes, that means Human Biology and Intercultural Communications will be on my agenda until December.

booksWhile the classes themselves aren’t necessarily going to be “fun” all the time, the fact that it will lead me one step closer to this degree of mine, IS fun.

Some of you may remember me talking about “yardsaling” online.  See, there are Facebook groups (probably in every area), where you can post things online, meet at a public place, and exchange your old stuff for $$.  I’m finding that it’s more beneficial than Ebay, because you don’t have to pay a fee once your item sells, and Craigslist, because that straight up creeps me out.

What have we been doing with our yard sale money?  Well, so far, I’ve only spent a tiny portion of it on newer wardrobe items…

…Would you believe these Sperry’s were found on the yardsale page, never worn outside, for $25?!? What are the odds that they were my size and I saw them before anyone else had a chance to jump on them?!? I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time, and I know I just had a birthday, but to me, ANYONE paying full price for Sperry’s for me isn’t what I wanted… gift or otherwise.  Shoes just aren’t worth that much to me.  But for $25? Who could pass them up???

I don’t know if you all are aware of this or not, but being part of the rewards program at ANY store usually means perks on your birthday… I never really shop at Dress Barn, because I feel like their clothes are usually targeted toward an older audience, but when I got $10 free, I figured I could at least get a pair of earrings or something there!  Why let it go to waste?  It was super convenient because there’s one very close to where I walk… and when I say “very close”, I mean, within walking distance.

Turns out, I found two shirts, both originally priced $38 and $34.  They were on the 50% off rack, plus I had a 30% off coupon, plus I had my $10 free cash.  Talk about a deal!  I had to snatch them up. 🙂  I ended up wearing the mint green one on my birthday and the white one today…

…with navy skinny pants from Forever 21, which I already had, and an adorable pair of white skimmer boat shoes, which I found at Walmart for $5.95?! Talk about a steal.
boatshoeYesterday I packed a pretty awesome lunch, if I do say so myself.  It was one of those last minute ideas since we didn’t have any meat in the house (that changed last night, as we were in dire need of a Walmart trip)…

shrimps…the bag of shrimp we had in the freezer saved the day!  Organic greens topped with shrimp, tri-color quinoa, peas, and a new favorite cheese – Laughing Cow Light Sundried Tomato & Basil Mozzarella. I just stocked up on more (Swiss & French Onion flavors) at the store last night, too!  They’re the perfect way to flavor almost anything.

In other news, I played basketball for the first time in a LONG time on Monday at HACC.

It felt so good to be on the court again!  I’ll admit, though… a year makes a huge difference… Understandably, I am not in basketball shape, condition-wise, but it has never taken me this long to recover after playing.  It was only half-court, too!  Haha.  The weirdest thing was… my hips and my feet were the things that hurt the most?  Although, my legs were equally as tired, they weren’t sore.

What are the odds that I would just happen to find this gift certificate from Christmas 2011 in a drawer at home, out of the blue?

relext… God was definitely looking out for me 🙂  And Momma & Pops, too.  Isn’t it funny how things like this seem to come along at just the right time?  Nothing is coincidence!

Also thanks to Momma & Daddy, I was able to have breakfast for the first time on our deck this morning!

bfastMy green protein shake & my GF Monkey Bread Oats (recipe coming soon!) have never tasted better.  It was so relaxing to enjoy on the deck before my workout today!  Can’t wait to sun bathe out here!

Here’s to the weekend!  Hope you all have a lovely day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun!

    • Thank you!! Me, too. I’ve been more picky about clothing now that I’m restocking 🙂 Don’t want to have to turn around and sell it again! lol xo.

  1. “Half the Sky” is a GREAT book– I’ve given a lot of copies away as gifts and have recommended it to quite a few people. I’m so excited that you’ll be reading it for class!

    • Ah! What a relief. I haven’t started it yet, but I’m glad to know it won’t be a drag! I trust your opinion completely! I’m excited to start it.

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