B is for Birthday.

It’s official.  As I mentioned earlier, the littlest Cox sister has officially turned 17 as of Wednesday last week.  Completely hard to believe.  This picture is when we serenaded her as she arrived home from her picnic date with the boyfriend.  She had no idea we were standing just inside the entry way with cupcakes & lit candles.

bdayMomma & Poppa had a combined birthday celebration for the both of us, since we’re only a week apart, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  They are so good to us!

ImageIn fact, the party was so much fun.  I even squealed for the first time since high school (I think?!) when these two studs came walking in the door.

ImageIt’s safe to say I have the cutest cousins. I was really bummed because Ryan (right), who was an usher in our wedding, was supposed to be going back to college soon, and I hadn’t been able to see him or Kyle (left) all summer.  I just love these two.  They really added that something special to our day when they came waltzing in as a surprise.

ImageBut anyway, back to the birthday girl.  Jarid & I got her gift while we were still in the Outer Banks for vacation.  There was a Coach outlet, and they had some really cute stuff!  We decided on the wristlet pictured above, and Morgy seemed to be pretty excited about it!


I also made her crayon art to hang in her bedroom (soon, dormroom?! UGH.) but couldn’t find a bag large enough to fit it in!  It’s much bigger than it looks here.  For some reason this is the largest I could get the photo without distorting it.  She didn’t mind my just handing it to her 🙂

ImageThe kids were even swimming, although, I didn’t think it was nearly warm enough.  Their warm little bodies I’m sure could handle it. I think the water was warmer than the air!ImageWe played a bit of volleyball, enjoyed picnic food (I brought my Spinach & Pea Pesto Pasta Salad –what a mouthful!), and Momma bought extra special veggies for Pops to cook up on the grill for my dinner!

ImageTalk about feeling special!  This wholllllleeee bowl was just for me.  I offered to share, but people just don’t seem to get that veggies are reallllly delicious 🙂  In the mix, there were baby peppers (yellow, red, and orange), mushrooms, red onions, zucchini & yellow squash.  They were seasoned really well and tasted divine.  Along with some of these veggies, I had some pasta salad & a buffalo chicken sausage!  It was camera shy (and not too pretty, to be honest). The best meal!

mommasThe whole day I just kept thinking about how blessed Jarid & I are.  Both of our families are so wonderful.  And to top it all off, they fit in well with one another!  It’s like one, big, happy family.

gparentsThe day seemed to have flown by, as it usually does when you’re having fun.  Toward the end, my Momma & Daddy gave me one of my birthday presents a bit early.  Usually, they’re sticklers about not giving gifts until the birthday day, so I knew it was something they were excited about 😉

ball… And for good reason!  They had finally gotten the basketball back, that I’d scored my 1,000th career point with, from the artist who had been working on it for quite awhile.  They gave it to me in this awesome display!  It has all of my career stats on the back of it, where there’s a mirror so they can be read without opening.  What a cool gift!

kisses You know those moments that you feel super blessed just to be surrounded with people you love and who love you back that you can’t be anything but happy?  That was my weekend, thanks to everyone who came to our party.  We hung out until dusk, when Pops started a campfire so that we could roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

sunset God gave us this beautiful sunset to marvel as well.  Thanks to all the produce that everyone brought, we were sent home with leftover goodies and little “garden gifts” that practically filled up our car!

backseatThank you all so, so much for your kindness and love ❤


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