August Already?! + Giveaway Winner!

Well guys, another summer weekend has come & gone.  I can’t believe my youngest sister is getting ready to go into her Junior year in high school.  I must be really getting old, huh?  She’s turning 17 on the 14th and I’m turning 25 on the 21st. UGh. A quarter of a century?!  That can’t be.

Image What’s more, is that this little one turned THREE this weekend!

ImageBowman Boyer Mitt’s birthday party was a blast.  The party was picnic style, and I made Gluten-Free Pesto Pasta Salad (recipe coming tomorrow!) to bring along.  I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out!  We were able to watch Bo light up as he opened his Curious George DVD and elbow/knee pad set (to prevent injury on his new big boy scooter!).  I swear, he is the happiest dude on the planet.  It doesn’t take much to please him.


He asked me to open them and we put them straight on him in the middle of gift opening.  I sure hope our Snyder babies get Jarid’s passive qualities, and not my type A personality.  Forget the fact that Bo had a boot on the entire party.  Nothing could wipe that adorable, dimpled grin off of his face.  PS, note the batting gloves he’s wearing. I melt!

ImageWe played a game of kickball, boys against girls, of course.  It was such a  blast.  We don’t have family get-togethers quite as often as we used to, but when we do, it’s so easy to pick up where we left off.  The night concluded with s’mores by a campfire.  It wasn’t until I started being eaten alive by mosquitoes that I was remotely close to being ready to leave.

This weekend, I had a final to take in my Environmental Science class as well as a 10 page paper due in my Mythology class, which reflected the contrast between Disney’s Hercules and Classical Myth.  Needless to say, I needed a break between the two.

ImageSome stress relief was found as Jarid loaded up his golf clubs for their debut at the driving range.  If you remember, I got them for his birthday, and we hadn’t been able to find time to try them out until now!

ImageWhen we arrived, I couldn’t help but be curious about the far right hitching post… for kids?! The puppy hitching post made sense, but I’m pretty sure it would be frowned upon for someone to tie their child to a post so that they could hit some golf balls?!   Call me crazy.

ImageI’m happy to report that Jarid’s still got it 😉 After not picking up a club for at least 6 months, probably more, he was still reaching the 200 with one of the drivers.

ImageI, on the other hand, don’t think I’m cut out to be a golfer 🙂 I had a lot of fun, but I was only reaching about the 100 on a good swing.

ImageAnother exciting tidbit?  We got a treadmill this weekend.

For $40.  On a yardsale Facebook site. Happy.Early.Birthday.To.Me.

ImageIt’s nothing super high tech, but it has a working incline and a max speed of 10mph.  That’s all I need.  It had been stored in a garage, so I wiped it down with Pine-Sol as soon as we walked it down the steps at home. I’ve already used it this morning for my cool down!

Eats this weekend were pretty sporadic, and I don’t have nearly enough photo proof for all the good stuff that went into my mouth, but here’s enough to give you an idea…


Sugar-free Mango Lemonade Slurpee, 0% NEW Black Raspberry Chobani, Green Monster (brown rice protein powder, banana, peanut flour, & ice + spinach), Sweet Potato Pancake (Omelette?!- I just like to flip it 1/2 way over so that the Brummel & Brown melts inside and then drizzle syrup over top ;)), Seaweed Salad, and Brown Rice Salmon Roll (which I had TWICE this weekend — I feel spoiled!).

And now… for the exciting part!  The winner of the Party-In-A-Box Giveaway from Del Real Foods posted last week!


I’m thrilled because this girl ALWAYS enters my giveaways, and she’s a dear friend of mine, so I always want her to win, but this is a first!  You can thank, Lynds!


Shoot me an email with your shipping info, and you’ll have your Pupusas in no time! Along with an entire box of other goodies as well 🙂

Hope your Augusts are off to a fantastic start!



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