DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Cork-Edged Mirror

Before I get to the fun & crafty stuff, I just have to share something.  Today, at work, I was going through a bit of a hard time swallowing a co-worker’s actions toward me and her attitude in general, regarding my work, etc. To be honest, it felt completely unjustified (not only to me, but in the eyes of 3rd parties who witnessed the scenario).  I knew I was letting it get the best of me and my attitude for the majority of the morning was in the dumps.  My.blood.was.boiling.  If you  know me, you know I’m not a confrontational person whatsoever, but I have learned to be more assertive over the past few years, and by that, I mean, respectfully and professionally confronting people when I feel necessary.  This time in particular, I just couldn’t fathom how I could bring this up to the person, or even what I’d say without allowing my emotions to get the best of me and to completely “go off” on the person.  It would’ve been bad news, believe me.  They’re a “superior authority figure” in the office.  It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it any longer, and I knew that I couldn’t deal with it by myself.  I started praying, silently at my desk that God would just calm my heart and renew my spirit.  I starting thinking about the fact that we’re called to do everything whether its something we want to do or not, for HIS glory, as if we were doing it specifically FOR Him.  It didn’t take long for Him to talk back 🙂  It was pretty neat how He just planted a verse in my head that helped me through my entire, bull-headed mindset.  It helped me realize, that the only person I was hurting by holding onto the fact that I was offended by my co-worker, was myself.  I was sinning in my heart with my bad attitude.  Here’s the verse that God spoke back… “Greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the world” – 1 John 4:4

It gave me a peace that passed understanding.  The girl who reports to me has been struggling with the same thing, and this instance involved her as well.  We vented to one another often, so I knew she would appreciate my sharing the verse with her.  I sent her a short little email…


It wasn’t twenty minutes later, that she came back to my office and asked me if I read “Our Daily Bread“.  I said that I was familiar with it, but no, that I hadn’t read it.   She said that soon after she read my email, she figured she would take her break for lunch and read her devotional… little did I know, or she know, for that matter, that the exact same verse that I sent her, was the verse that was in today’s Daily Bread.  How cool is God to just give us tiny glimpses of His power in ways like that when we need His intervention?  We both had goosebumps and thanked Him together 🙂  SUCH a cool thing to happen on your average Tuesday.

Now, for the mirror.  Our bathroom mirror just got a makeover, thanks to this one that I saw at Anthropologie, back when we visited Inner Harbor for the Broadway play.


Yeah… I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $300 laying around to buy a neat mirror. 😀  Granted, this one is labeled as a “tree trunk” mirror, but it has a similar affect.  Had I been able to find a mirror with these neat beveled edges, I may have tried to cut the corks in half and glue them in this fashion to resemble small tree trunks, however, my method worked pretty well and I was pleased with the results… Apparently Facebook was, too, because by morning, after posting the picture, it had received 40+ “likes”.  Since some were asking how I did it, I figured it’d be a nice thing if they could see a tutorial!  Thus, the creation of this post.

What you’ll need:

  • A boatload of wine corks — okay, about 86 😀 (start saving now! It really helps to have a friend who saves them for you, too — thanks, Marge! ;))
  • A hot glue gun
  • A mirror with a framed edge (any shape will do, although circular could get interesting)

ImageYou can technically choose any pattern you want to go around the edges, but I went with a pretty simple cross-hatch look. It’s a pretty simple process.  I just glued the corks straight onto the mirror, making sure, as I went, that I was allowing the brand/wine maker’s name to face outward.  If you’re OCD, like myself, you’ll want to space out the names, so you don’t have the same brand right beside another of the like.


I started in the lower left hand corner of the mirror, and then did a few rows before switching to the top right hand corner of the mirror.  I highly suggest doing this in case your mirror ends up being like mine and the corks don’t fit perfectly to each edge.  At least this way, you’ll have some symmetry if you have a gap in each opposite corner (you’ll see what I mean).  I did my best to make sure each pair was about equivalent in size to the other, which made it easier to establish placement of the corks beside them with zero awkward gaps.

ImageIf you look closely, you can see in the lower right hand corner of the mirror and the upper left hand corner, there are two rounded cork tops.  As I mentioned before, there is a likely possibility that the corks won’t exactly fit to the corner.  That’s why I created the little nubs to fill the gaps!  I used rounded top corks that were a bit larger in size, sawed off the rounded top with a heavy duty bread knife, and glued them on like so.  Voila!

Don’t underestimate yourself, even if you don’t consider yourself “crafty”.  Anyone can follow directions! (:  Enjoy!



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