Monday Mantra.

ImageSunday’s sermon was a great one.  The notes are above, and it was one of those mornings that makes you want to completely abandon everything of this world and re-give your whole heart to Jesus and saving others.  There really is nothing like that in the world.  This obviously was yesterday, and thus, one of the last things we did over the weekend, so lets rewind a tad to some other fun stuff we got into on Friday & Saturday.

ImageJarid and I left work early in order to make it to a wedding of some dear friends of ours.  The ceremony was outside in a gorgeous little area toward Carlisle that I’d never heard of before.  The venue was beautiful and so was the couple.

ImageImageGod smiled down and gave them perfect weather, too! It was breezy and comfortable.  No rain, no ridiculous heat.  Just perfection!

ImageThey had the cutest little ring bearer & flower girl, too! I know, because Bowman was our ring bearer!  At that time, Gracy was a little too small!  Her hair got so much more blonde than I remember it!  Crazy how quickly kids grow.  I found myself in awe a few times at the wedding, of all my “little cousins” and how grown up they looked.  I guess that means I’m getting old?  I remember when people used to say the same things about me!   So. weird.


Anyway, the ceremony was short & sweet, but had all the important details 🙂


I could not be more happy for these two.  They really are made for one another, and Eowyn was made to be a Mommy!  She is wonderful with Gracy.


The entire night was filled with love and fun, just as a wedding should be.  We had a lot of fun on the dance floor later in the night, too!  And the food was phenomenal.  They had this shrimp cocktail appetizer that was unlike any other I’ve ever had.  You didn’t even need cocktail sauce!  It was marinating in some type of olive oil and spices.  I could’ve made a meal out of them!  There wasn’t much on the menu that was dairy and gluten free, so I’m glad I loaded up on the shrimp.  Unfortunately, since it was such a sad little plate of food I made, I didn’t even photo it.  There were much more important things 🙂

Saturday, Jarid & I slept in, knowing we had another eventful day ahead!  My Godfather willed Jarid his Braves vs. Phillies tickets, just like last year, and we have been looking forward to the game since he offered them up!

ImageWe invited Brandi, Jared, Bowman, and TT along to join us in the festivities since he gave us 5 tickets!


Someone was a little sleepy on the way down 😉  How adorable is he?!



ImageBo cheered a lot for the umpire throughout the game and called the Braves the “stinky team”, as per his Momma’s suggestion 😉  Jarid came out the victor, although he was the only one of us in Braves gear!  Bran & I were sporting Utley tees and Jarid wore his birthday present Heyward jersey.

ImageI packed a bunch of my own food for dinner since it saves money… would you believe a cheese steak from Campo’s was $10?  Oh, and the Chickie & Pete’s crab fries + cheese sauce?  Another $10.  And Jarid’s Sundae from the concession stand?  $9.25.  Outrageous, I tell ya!  Plus, I enjoy my turkey bacon sammies a whole lot more than some lame grilled chicken salad with nothing but lettuce that I could’ve gotten at Citizen’s Bank park.  I was thinking that in CBP my choices would be super limited, but I was pleasantly surprised to see GLUTEN-FREE buns for cheese steak options?! Now I know for next year!


For ONCE in a lifetime, WE got to treat TT do dinner in the park!  AND I convinced him to let me get him chocolate ice cream (it’s kind of our thing–he fed it to me when I was a baby! ;))  If you know anything about this guy, you NEVER win a “who’s paying” argument with him… but this time I guilted him into it! 😀  After all, we still hadn’t gotten to take him for his Father’s Day dinner.


The game ended up going into twelve innings!  It was a pretty fast paced game until about the ninth, when things started to heat up between the competition.  I couldn’t believe Jarid escaped the stadium with just one “boooo” when a Phillies fan spotted him at the game.  Although, I suppose they didn’t have much to say after the Braves won the game…

When we got home, we crashed pretty directly!  Sunday after church, we got Wegman’s for lunch and relaxed until it was time to pick up my parents from the Airport!  They finally came back from Morgy’s softball tournament in California.  I was so glad that Jarid & I were the first ones who were able to see them off the plane.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



One thought on “Monday Mantra.

  1. ….such a sad way to end a game 😦 Ha Ha! I’ve lost all hope for the Phillies this year. Let’s hope next year turns out better, huh? Ha Ha! I love that you wearing Utley bc girl, he’s my main man too 🙂 Since I like ya… ill share him, Ha Ha!

    p.s. They have a great vegan/gf selection @ the park. Joshua and I are going to a game when were in town and I picked the $1.00 hot dog night since they are vegan. Woo Hoo!!

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