What I’m Loving Wednesday.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I feel like I’m one DIY project after another… and I love it.

I’m rather proud, actually!  It’s a perfect place to display our dishes, making additional room in our cabinets so that we can remove a bunch of clutter from our counter tops!

I’m also loving free printables from Pinterest… here’s a cute little gem that I used to spruce up the kitchen…

I think it’s darling.  And just wait… there’s more on the way… I’m just waiting to pick up my order from the print shop!

On another note, I hung the DIY art that I made the other day in our bedroom yesterday and was pretty pleased with the way it brought a pop of color into it!

Another thing I’m loving lately is the fact that our house is super close to Messiah College, because that means…

bball…I get to cheer on the little sis after work while they’re there for basketball camp!  Talk about nostalgia… I feel like it was just ME who was at camp.

I’m loving the fact that packing Jarid’s lunch was made a ton easier when P28 sent me this awesome protein bread!  I know he’d get hungry if this were just your average PB&J, but not to worry, babe… I’ve got your back…

…each SLICE contains 14g of protein.  Yeah… 28g of protein, just from the bread!  🙂  It makes me feel good knowing that I’m packing a sustaining, healthy lunch for the hubs, instead of him having to resort to Ramen Noodles and Hot Pockets, per usual.

I’m loving that I found these ice pop molds at Five Below for $3.  I cannot to make these Orange-sicles, these Coconut Lime Spa Pops, these Peach Crisp Popsicles, and these Creamy Honey Lime Popsicles.

popiiThat little cutie in the center, unfortunately, not included 🙂

I’m also loving fresh fruit right now.  Cannot get enough of cantaloupe, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, pineapple, and oranges!

loupeThey’re so sweet and juicy this time of year that I could probably eat fruit alone for an entire day and think nothing of it.

I’m loving this Pastariso All Natural Brown Rice Vegetable Rotini that I found in the Subscribe & Save store through Amazon.com

It’s made with 100% Wholegrain Organic Brown Rice Flour, spinach powder, and red bell pepper powder.  It’s also NON GMO.  I used it for the pasta salad I talked about here.  I promise, the recipe is coming soon!

Another recent love?  These Dipin Natural & Delicious Dips that were sent to me by the Oloves folks to try!

They’re the perfect size to throw in your purse and they make excellent study fuel!  I loved that it was easy to pack for a snack at work! I usually dip some Crunchmaster crackers in them.

Lastly, I am still loving ice cream…

icecream…mostly chocolate 🙂

I practically eat it every single day.  As it should be… right?

Happy Wednesday!  Winners of the BAMR Band and Barlean’s giveaways will be announced in the next post along with my pasta salad recipe.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday.

    • You best believe it! (; I was thinking peach shnapps in the peach crisp ones and maybe some whipped vodka in the creamsicles?! Definitely a project for us when you come back to the states!

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