Bada$$ Mother Runner Bands + Giveaway!


BAMR Bands were a new to me product that I was introduced to because of a giveaway I won awhile back for this cute chevron headband.  It was after I read all about these bands that I began to fall in love with them!  Any girl with hair, I’m sure can attest to the value of a great headband… you know, the kind you don’t have to worry about falling off of your head or having to be readjusted every 30 seconds… the kind that won’t give you a headache after being worn for only a few hours, and the kind that’s actually fashionable and cute all at the same time?!  Yes, they really do exist.


Thanks to Katie, the creator, who also blogs and is a trained Registered Dietician/stay at home Mom who is currently expecting!  In case I haven’t said it yet, CONGRATS KATIE! 🙂

Since she knows how much I adore the grey chevron BAMR Band that I won, Katie was sweet enough to send me another BAMR Band of my choice for this review!

Hellooo Safari Jaguar print!

hairThe best part is, they’re super practical… they’re able to be dressed up, completing an outfit as a fun accessory, or dressed down to hold back those bangs during an intense workout… either way, they’re totally efficient.  They’re also super comfortable to wear!  They’ve got this soft interior side that creates the non-slip attribute, but also makes the band incredibly comfortable.

There are so many to choose from, too!  Here are the latest ones I’m lusting after…


Each band is made affordable at $10, and I’m beginning to sense an addiction on my end!  Slowly, but surely, I plan on expanding my BAMR collection.  You can order them straight from her blog here.  I promise you’ll LOVE them.  A friend of mine saw me post a picture on Facebook and she immediately bought two… she’s just as in love as I am now!

As if Katie wasn’t sweet enough to send me another one, she’s offered up a giveaway for one of you to try them out!  I’m warning you, once you try them, you’ll definitely want more! 🙂

Here’s how to enter:

#1- Click over to the BAMR Bands store and pick out your favorite print.  Leave a comment on this post letting me know which one  you’d pick!

#2-Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment with the link to the post!  You must tag Savoring the Sweetest Life Facebook page.

Thanks so much, Katie!


20 thoughts on “Bada$$ Mother Runner Bands + Giveaway!

  1. Shared it on FB and tug you both! Love these things! Safari Jaguar is the one I’d pick! Thanks for getting us all hooked on this awesome product!

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