First Birthday As A Married Man.

As you know from my announcement in the last post, my husband is officially OVER a quarter of a century old.  Since I wasn’t going to be able to spend the day with him, due to us both having to work, I figured the least I could do was to make him a little birthday breakfast.

bdaybfastTurkey bacon, egg & cheese omelet and waffles.

We said our goodbyes, and he was off to work before I knew it 😦  I guess it comes with the territory of being an adult… having to work on your birthday!  I know for me, it’s not a big deal to have to work on my own birthday, but I hated that he had to on his.  Weird how that works.

datedressAnyway, I had a few surprises up my sleeve for AFTER work.  Oh, and I actually put some effort into my appearance, so I figured I better photograph it for proof.  When Jarid got home, I answered the door with a cupcake in my hand, lit, and singing “happy birthday”.  He hugged and kissed me, thankful to be home.

I had his gifts ready to go in the office.  One was too big to be wrapped, so I just closed the door and hid his card right outside it atop my DIY art in the hallway…

hidden…He found it in a matter of minutes, since being home, and of course I was just as excited for him to get his gifts as he was to receive them.

cardAfter he read my card, I told him he could go into the office…

jerseyFirst, he saw the Brave’s Jason Heyward jersey, which he proceeded to try on.

Next, he checked out his new set of golf clubs!

These weren’t brand new.  I wish I could’ve afforded to buy him a brand new set, but I actually found them on Craigslist (used a handful of times) in GREAT condition.  He couldn’t care less.  He was thrilled about them!  He’s probably the most grateful guy I’ve ever known.  ANYTHING makes him happy.

After gifts, we headed out the door for dinner at Appalachian Brewing Company.  Jarid mentioned a few times how cool it would be to try out some local micro brews, so I knew reservations would be a good idea…

abcbrew… he was all smiles when I told him where we were going!

menu2…when the server asked what we’d like to drink, Jarid immediately asked about a sampler…

menu…which he was PUMPED about trying!

sampler I’m not really a drinker (I have no qualms about it, just not my thing), so I told him he was on his own!


After perusing the menu, I was really excited about the black bean burger that was offered, but I asked our server if it was gluten-free, and unfortunately, it wasn’t.


I ended up with a mediocre grilled chicken salad, and Jarid with a burger, but I think when you go to a place that’s known for its beer rather than its food, it’s to be expected.  Either way, I couldn’t believe they charged us $11 for the salad?!

It was a few piece of lettuce, minimal grilled chicken, and a couple cherry tomatoes + onion.  It wasn’t a huge deal… and Jarid enjoyed his, which is what was important to me anyway.  Just a prime example, though, of why I don’t eat out often 🙂

Anyway, after dinner I was still a tad hungry, so I opted for some of these awesome Cheezy Crisps by Crunchmaster.

Mmmmm.  Oh, and no sugar added vanilla bean ice cream, too.  Can’t have the salty without the sweet 😉  The ice cream was consumed while watching “The Place Beyond The Pines” with Jarid.


He’s been wanting to see it since we saw a preview, and we finally were able to! How can you go wrong with Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eve Mendes?!  Fantastic cast, actually.  The movie itself had all kinds of twists and turns that kept us guessing.  I couldn’t believe it was actually almost 2.5 hrs. long!  The only time I lost interest even a tad was around the mid point where they shifted the story a bit.

Cuddling + movies + ice cream=  winning.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, babe!  I wish I could give you the world because you deserve it! ❤


4 thoughts on “First Birthday As A Married Man.

    • I know, right?! That’s what my cousin said, too… I can’t believe how “okay” I am with his love of the Braves and the Cowboys when I was raised in a family of Phillies and Eagles fans! haha.


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