Praise Post.

I’m not sure just how many of you I’m friends with on Facebook, but I really appreciate all of you who checked up on me after seeing my check-in at the Women’s Cancer Center yesterday.  I’d been referred there, after having seen abnormal cells on a pap smear (TMI?), which freaked me out a bit when I had a voice mail message from a Dr. office with the “C” word in the name.

wccFirst, I’ll start off by saying that Pinnacle Health Women’s Cancer Center is positively the most gorgeous Doctor’s office that I’ve ever seen in my life.  The people who work there definitely have a heart for sick people, too.

buildingIf you think the outside is nice, wait til you see the waiting room!  I would imagine, this place would make an amazing home had it been in another location, not right next to a highway.

insideI didn’t want to get too photo happy inside, out of respect for the patients there.  After all, they probably weren’t there for exciting reasons :/  I was so discrete that no one even noticed, which is what I preferred.


I arrived at 3:10 (20 minutes prior to my appointment, as requested), and was taken to a room just shortly after sitting down.  I hate going to a doctor’s office when you end up having to wait 15 minutes AFTER your appointment time to see the physician.

Each of the people I interacted with while there were beyond sympathetic.  It was like they knew and were totally considerate of any concern or worry you may have.  My doctor was awesome, too!  I was super skeptical and reluctant about the fact that I had to have a male doctor for the first time at one of these “girly appointments”, but after meeting the guy, who was totally professional and incorporated humor into the whole situation, I was put at ease.

toolsI wasn’t really TOO worried, because I know that abnormal cells found on pap smear tests are fairly common (trust me, I’ve done my research).  Plus, I knew that whatever God had in store for my life, He would walk me through it.  Lastly, what good does worrying do?  Absolutely none.  My Momma prayed about it for me, and Jarid & I prayed about it ever since we got the first results.

The absolute worst part was having to get “into position” on the chair/bed.  Totally awkward to be spreading your legs for a dude other than your husband.   The great part for me, was that the woman who was assisting him talked to me the entire time and kept my mind off of what was really going on.  I told her about our upcoming vacation, where we went on our honeymoon, etc.

 The nice part about the whole thing, is that I didn’t have to wait for results.  The doctor kindly told me that through magnification, using iodine & apple cider vinegar as tools, that everything looked “boring & normal”.  Haha.  See what I mean about the humor part?

Anyway… glad it’s all over!  Now for some beach time next week!! ❤



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