Enjoy Life Foods – Decadent Bars

Well folks, the team at Enjoy Life Foods has done it again.


Decadent Bars, their latest gluten-free release, come in four unique flavors: Chocolate Sunbutter, Cherry Cobbler, S’mores, and Cinnamon Bun.  Each bar is topped with a complimentary melt-in-your-mouth white or dark drizzle (depending on the flavor),  is free from the top 8 allergens, and is verified by the Non-GMO project.

Thanks to Kasey and Enjoy Life Foods, who sent me this sweet little care package of bars, I had the opportunity to try them all!  So… what did I think?


Well, first off, these bars thinner and chewier than even their “Chewy Bars“.  The texture was pleasant, and each of the flavors were just as you’d expect based on the name.  Nutritionally speaking, each one will run you about 130-140 calories, 3.7-7g fat, and 9-12g sugar (which I found to be a bit high, but we’re talking about a bar that’s supposed to taste like a dessert.  Relatively speaking, not too shabby).


The Chocolate Sunbutter were probably my favorite, followed by a close second of the Cherry Cobbler variety!

The Sunbutter completely melt in your mouth.  I mean, who doesn’t love a great chocolate/pb sunbutter combination?  The two flavors were a match made in heaven.  It’s a great substitution for a peanut butter cup!

As for the Cherry Cobbler, I could totally see myself warming this one up, and adding a nice scoop of Vanilla Bean to the top.

cobblerBecause they’re soft baked, it really gave me the full affect of real cherry cobbler… like, the homemade, bad for you stuff that’s generally loaded with sugar, butter, and wheat.  I liked that Enjoy Life wasn’t stingy with the dried cherry pieces.  I think I had a few in each bite!

In third place, we’ve got the S’mores flavor.  I can dig the Vanilla Honey Graham and chocolate combo, but where was the marshmallow in these babies?!

I certainly couldn’t detect it, if it was present.  I was hoping for a few gooey bites of the white stuff somewhere in these bars, but they left a little something to be desired.  They were good, but add some marshmallows, and you’ll have something great 🙂

Last, but not least, we have Cinnamon Bun.

cinnamonbunIn all fairness to this bar, my all-time favorite protein bar from Quest Nutrition, is the Cinnamon Roll flavor, so it had some big shoes to fill.  All in all, the bar didn’t taste bad, but it reminded me more of Brown Sugar Oatmeal than a Cinnamon Bun.


Thank you again to Enjoy Life Foods for giving me the opportunity to try all these bars! It’s a good thing I tried them when I first received them, because apparently my husband loves them all!  He had all four boxes gone before I could try a second one of any of the flavors!  Haha.  He’s lucky I love him so much 😉



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