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Sunglasses aren’t typically something I spend a lot of money on.  I’m not a brand snob, and I don’t really care whether my sunglasses cost $5 or $45.  The problem is, I feel like I buy a new pair each summer, because the ones that I typically end up with are cheaply made.  When Mary from The Sunglasses Shop and I started emailing back and forth, I was excited at the opportunity to finally try a pair that was well-made and might last me more than just one summer.


The Sunglasses Shop offers tons of different brands, including the ever popular,





and the more affordable collection that Mary allowed me to choose a pair from for this review, SXUC


One of the great things about the Sunglasses Shop is the fact that you’ll get FREE delivery, 30-day easy returns, and help from the on-trend team in choosing a style that best suits you!

I chose the SXUC Kylie style for myself!


So far, I love them!  They’re very sturdy, and do a great job of shading my eyes from the harsh sun.


They’ve got a subtle cat-eye shape, which I love.  It’s very complimentary to a lot of face shapes.  Plus, they’re black so they go with almost any outfit!

On each side, there’s a little embellishment detail, too.

If you’re skeptical about online ordering, as I am, the Sunglasses Shop is perfect for you! You have nothing to lose with their easy returns and free shipping!  I’m betting I’ll have these sunglasses for quite a few years! ❤

Thank you so much, Mary and the Sunglasses Shop team for hooking me up!  Do me a favor and head over to the Sunglasses Shop Facebook page and show them some love.


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