Food Shopping Friday.

After mousetrap shopping at Home Depot last night, Jarid and I decided to make a pit-stop at TJ MAXX for a few new beach items to add to our closets.  Lately, I’ve had a really rough time finding clothes that are particularly exciting for me. I can’t tell you how many I’ve tried on over this past week, but none have entered into that “gotta have” category.  So, instead of clothing, we ended up leaving with some foodie items… of course.

This pack of three re-usable Keurig filters (since ours had a fight with the garbage disposal and lost) for $10  and a bag of Caramel Popcorners for $1.50.

Next door, there was an Asian Mart, and since I saw Elise’s post about all the oriental goodies she snagged, I had to check it out.

asianPer her suggestion, I scoured the aisles for Jackfruit

and asked the manager if they carried Kelp noodles… lucky for me…

…they did!  He actually asked how I’d heard of Kelp Noodles, because he mentioned that “no westerners have ever asked him about them”.  It felt odd to be called “western” being that I’ve lived on the East Coast my entire life, but I suppose in relation to Asia, all of the US is in the Western Hemisphere.


Last, but certainly not least, I give you authentic seaweed snacks!


Seaweed and kelp are both fabulous in aiding thyroid function, so that quick stop at the Asian Mart was totally worth it!  Plus, everything was very reasonably priced.

Jarid found a snack for himself, too:
Meiji Hello Panda Sports Edition Milk Cream Biscuits

How cute are they?!  Please excuse the blurry photos, I had to beg him to take a picture of them while we were in the car, before he devoured the little box.  The description read, “Biscuits with milk cream” and Jarid said they were amazing.

Ahh the exciting life of an old married couple 🙂   Ha.

If you think of it, please say a prayer for Jarid since he’s been sick since last weekend.  I would really appreciate it!



3 thoughts on “Food Shopping Friday.

  1. I live and die for the Asian and Korean Marts. The produce is SUCH a steal, they have all my must haves in terms of Asian fare and for so cheap!

    PS- I hope you know you will now laugh everytime you are at wholefoods looking at the seaweed snacks! 4 times as much money for 1/4 the amount!
    I deal with the MSG for a bargain. LOL.

    Pick up some kimchi next time!

  2. Yum! I love trying new foods. And one of my friends was JUST talking about how great the finds are at TJ Maxx, food-wise. I have to hit that place up soon to try some new items.

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