A Hangover, a Barn Dance, and a Sermon.

Here’s a glimpse of our Friday night

I got home and found that we’d trapped the mangy little cat that had been creeping around our house!  I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep it as a pet, so I did what Jarid asked and called the local police to come pick it up.  They take the cats to the humane society, where they can be adopted.  As soon as Jarid got home, we were off to see The Hangover – Part III.


It was pretty good, overall, although, hard to top the first two.  I heard that it had some pretty awful reviews, so I didn’t have very high hopes, but knew Jarid & I would still be seeing it — plus, we had a gift card to use!  There were several movies in the previews that looked good to us, too, especially The Purge, but we’ll probably end up waiting to watch them when they come out at the Redbox kiosks.  I enjoy scary movies, but I have to watch them in the daytime 🙂

Saturday was a bit of a blur.  I remember that I made pancakes for breakfast…

and that I got a 110% on my very  first Classical Mythology class, which started last week…

mythI give partial credit to the homemade iced coffee on the left.  Caffeine = concentration.

After finishing the test, I went downstairs for a heck of a workout, while Jarid got ready to go to work.  It was pretty easy to get carried away on the elliptical, while Dear John was on the TV and distracted me from the fact that my legs began to fatigue.  Since I’ve only been doing cardio for 30-40 minutes lately, the hour and some minutes seemed like a lot when I was finished.  I did some floor work to tone up the abs, but I was feeling so lazy that after I showered, I didn’t feel much like making lunch.

22Days Nutrition PB+Chocolate Chip Nirvana Bar to the rescue!  The company kindly sent me a few of their bars to try out for a blog review!

kvassI can’t wait to try the others after this one.  It was super dense, delicious, and completely filling.  A perfect meal replacement, at 290 calories (20g protein & 9g fiber) made with raw & organic superfoods.  Don’t worry, I had some vegetables, too — some cucumbers and sea salt pickles 🙂

Washed down with this bottle of veggies! Zukay Live Foods Kvass Veggie Medley has been my favorite flavor thus far.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Tomatoes, Organic Cucumbers, Organic Carrots, Organic Cabbage, Organic Celery, Organic Kale, Organic Parsley, Organic Beets, Celtic Sea Salt, Hand-Batched Live Active Culture, Organic Raw Green Stevia

I did some laundry, ran some errands, and did a quick sweep of the house.  Before I knew it, I was hungry again, which made sense since it was time for dinner!

I made a microwaved baked potato, topped it with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, cashew sauce (nutritional yeast+ apple cider vinegar + soaked cashews all blended together), 2 slices of crumbled turkey bacon, reduced sugar ketchup, mustard, and a dollop of plain greek yogurt.

Jarid and I were meeting for the Annual Barn Dance at the Mitterling’s Farm around 6:30, so I ate and left.  Two years ago, Jarid and I had our second date to go to this very same event.

This year, however, they had a donation spot for people to give funds toward their journey to adopting a sibling for their first little miracle, Bowman! They’ve started a blog, too, to update everyone on their progress!

We had an awesome time.  By the end of the night Jarid and I had mastered the following steps: promenade, allemande left/right, circle left/right, do-si-do, and swing.  It was total goofiness and fun.

Sunday morning, another 45 minute workout was followed by a shower and church!  The message this week was wonderful… It was all about how SIN sells us lies.

Afterward, we went out to lunch and met up with our friend Heather, who also has become a regular at our church!  So excited to be spending more time with her!

wegsYou guessed it.  Wegman’s was on the menu 🙂  It’s like our weekly treat… well, MY weekly treat I guess.  Although, Jarid claims to love it, too.  In this box: Old Bay shrimp, chicken & broccoli, braised purple cabbage, yam & kale salad, bean salad (black beans, chickpeas, black eyed peas, corn, and butter beans) in Tabasco sauce, and shredded, roasted brussel sprouts.

Talk about a treat day, I even convinced Jarid to make a detour on our way home for 49¢ 7-Eleven SLURPEEEEEES

I have an inkling that I’ll be back this summer pretty frequently.  It doesn’t help matters that it’s SO close to our house!  My choice? Sugar Free Diet Sprite.
Jarid went with a classic… Coke!

When we got home, a sweet friend of mine came over to go through some of the clothing I was selling, and ended up making out pretty well!  I was thankful to get rid of it and she looked so adorable in everything she tried on!  She recently decided that a lifestyle change was in order, so she began changing her eating habits and getting fit!  Her next goal is to possibly do a fitness competition!  How awesome is that!?

Sunday night, I made Jarid and I some Hawaiian pizza.

I cheated, and used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Pizza Crust Mix, canned pineapple, and deli ham.  It was stinkin’ delicious.  Plus, leftovers!  We stayed in and watched Gangster Squad with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Sean Penn.


A pretty spectacular end to our night!  More on Memorial Day festivities, coming right up!


2 thoughts on “A Hangover, a Barn Dance, and a Sermon.

  1. so much to like in this post!!!
    that cashew sauce sounds intriguing! i need to give nooch another go!
    also have never heard of Zukay or 22Days Nutrition! You always show me new things!

    hope you’re having a good week, Sami! 😀

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