Sweet Serendipity

I had an impromptu date with Momma yesterday over my lunch break.  Softball is officially over now, so she’s actually able to take a break during the day!  After going almost a week without seeing her, it was a pleasant surprise when we were both able to escape the office for a little bit for a rendezvous to Costco (;

Is she or is she not the cutest little Momma that you ever did see?!  She gives some really great hugs, too.

After browsing the aisles a bit, goofing around, and being tortured by the perishables (I couldn’t get any because I had to go straight back to work and had no where to store them), I happily made my way to the register with the following items:

(Seeds of Change Brown Rice & Quinoa with Garlic, Sea Salt Pickles, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Sobe Lifewater Zero, and Nature Valley Trail Mix Bars)

Albeit, I had only really gone to buy the coconut oil, since I saw on Kat’s blog that you can get such a great deal there… Just $16 for this gigantic tub… but, unfortunately, I’m a wanderer… I’m almost GLAD I couldn’t buy any perishables, because my wallet would’ve been hurting all that much more.  The granola bars are for Jarid.  He loves trail mix and literally, he’s already eaten three of the bars…yes, I just bought them yesterday.  Good thing there’s 48 in there!

After work, I went home and got started on dinner.  There’s something therapeutic about being in the kitchen in an empty house, just doing your thing.

pattiesI can’t tell you the last time that grilled chicken sounded appealing.  I’m not sure why, but I don’t have much of an appetite for meat in general anymore… unless, of course it comes in the form of ground, seasoned extra lean turkey.

burgerThere’s no recipe this time.  I just added salt, pepper, marinara sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, and rosemary to the meat before forming it into patties and cooking it on the stove.

hishersI assembled some chopped romaine in bowls, added the burgers, and chose the toppings based on preference.  For him, Mama Pea’s Mmm sauce and parmesan cheese (aright) and for her, salsa, avocado, a touch of reduced sugar ketchup, and plain greek yogurt (left).

After we chowed down, we headed downstairs together for a brief workout.  I did mainly abs, and Jarid did mainly cardio, since I’d already used the elliptical for a 1/2 hour in the morning.  I did bike for a bit though, while playing Sugar Crush!  Who else is addicted?!

Post workout, we showered and wore comfy clothes to Lowe’s.  We decided to be proactive in avoiding critters living under our deck.

We chose some lattice to put up around the open area under the deck.  We shelled out $28, and we were on our way home to relax a bit before bed.  I have a feeling our next car will be an SUV when Jarid’s little Cobalt dies… we just need a little more room!  Not to mention, his car isn’t great in snow, so I’m always nervous about him driving it in the winter.

jaridcarWe ended up unloading our lattice in the pouring rain.  Fun, fun.  Before we left, we actually put some cheese out for the cat… in the trap that we got our groundhog.  That little stinker had eaten all of the cheese but managed not to step on the bar that would close the cage!  We’re trying again tonight.  We mean no harm, we just want to catch it and find it a good home or take it to a pet adoption site.

Before bed, I tried another one of the probiotic Kvass drinks that Zukay Live Foods sent me to try.  This time, Beet!

Check out that vibrant, beautiful purple color!

By the way, I didn’t mean to come off as such an animal hater in my last post.  At that point, it was more out of annoyance than anything that my words were chosen.  For all of you who would’ve taken in the cat and loved it as your own?  That’s great. We are not going to  be doing that.  Sorry!  If you’d like to come pick it up and take care of it, you’re surely welcome to do so 🙂

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Since I love you all, I will share a tip:


slurpeeI will be helping myself to a Lite Sugar-Free Sprite Slurpee before we go see The Hangover III tonight with a bunch of friends!

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, and thank you so much to all the men & women who have fought and are fighting now for our country.  Words can’t express how much we owe you.



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