The Art of Marriage, Round II

bookFor the past two Monday nights, our small group has been getting together, which consists of four (including Jarid & I) relatively young married couples.  When Jarid & I went to the Weekend to Remember, this series was talked about as a reference for after the conference.  Granted, many of the ideas were the same, but we’ve already been blessed with some awesome reminders.

receivingOf course, Jarid and I haven’t come across many of these problems, yet (we are still head over heels, truly, madly, deeply in love with each other), but we’re preparing for the long run.  Equipping our marriage to be fireproof, so that when hard times DO come (and they WILL come), we’re ready to face them with Biblical knowledge.

chart2Since the pictures are mostly of text in the book, most of which, I found to be super helpful and relate able,   I thought that many of you married folks out there could appreciate some of what our book had to say.

quoteFor one, I’ve heard so many people who are having marital problems, that they think they problem is that “they married the wrong person”.  I LOVE this quote above.  I don’t believe that there is only “one right person out there for you”.  I do, believe that God has designed someone JUST for you, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re having problems, that person isn’t the one you’re already with.

quote2Another important topic we’ve touched on this past week, is the fact that if your relationship with Christ isn’t right, your relationship with your spouse won’t be right.  As long as you keep Christ at the center of your marriage, you’ll be able to go up against the biggest storms that life can throw your way.

quote3We are SELFISH, sinful people.  When we reject God’s authority and leadership in our lives, our marriages will be on a slippery slope downhill.  Because both partners are sinners, there will undoubtedly be issues that arise in a marriage.  It’s how we deal with them, and how we change our hearts to better ourselves that will be the tell tale decision whether our marriage gets better or worse.

I’ll be updating what I’ve been learning so you can follow along on our journey to strengthen your own marriages!  Satan would love nothing more than to wreck a family.  He knows our weaknesses and delights in ruin, sadness, and depression.  With Jesus, he doesn’t stand a chance.  Come along with us as we Fireproof our marriages 🙂


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