Feeling Guilty But Well-Rested

Friday night, Jarid and I shopped til we dropped…pretty literally.  We closed down the mall, and ended up causing the Gap to stay open 30 minutes after closing time.  We both needed some new summer clothing, and we’ve been online yardsaling like crazy (old clothing and things we never use), so we had a bit of cash that we delegated for new summer clothing.


My favorite purchase, was the two pair of Arizona denim shorts that I found at JCPenney for less than $13 each.  I get pretty stoked when I find deals like that, especially when I don’t have much to spend! Plus, they aren’t hoochie shorts, which was super difficult to find, unless I wanted to settle for Bermudas (which look ridiculous on me).  Jarid found some steals at GAP, too!

Saturday morning, after breakfast, Jarid went for a haircut & grocery shopping while I got my workout on… he really is the best!

workoutPost cardio, I hit the floor for some abs and weights.

Since Momma had to work a softball tournament last weekend, and we really didn’t get to have Mother’s Day with her, we planned to spend the whole day together Saturday.  My Dad, sisters, Mom, Jarid & I met at TJ Rockwell’s for lunch.

mommaI had a huge breakfast and wasn’t quite hungry, but of course I couldn’t miss out on the family time.  Plus, Jarid needed lunch!  I had packed some Italian seasoned ground turkey & quinoa+ pepper & onions for lunch in case I got hungry, too.  I thought about ordering a salad, since my sister’s looked so good, but I don’t enjoy typical restaurant salads… so why would I ever pay $12+ for one (not that Poppa would let us pay anyway, but you know what I mean!)
morgysaladThe whole table got a few plates to share since we didn’t all get there on time, and the few that had arrived were hungry.

Loaded nachos & crab dip in a bread bowl.  We dined al fresco and it was absolutely beautiful, although, a bit chilly.  I was in love with the restaurant’s colorful dishes.  Each was so vibrant!

Next up on the Mother’s Day agenda, was seeing the movie, 42! The story, of Jackie Robinson.  We were a little early to the show, so we messed around for a little while before taking our seats.


Harrison Ford did an amazing job in his role, as did Chadwick Boseman.  It killed me to think that things really used to be THAT bad with segregation, and the mistreatment of African Americans.  Literally, broke my heart… AND turned me OFF to the Phillies a little bit 😦 I told Jarid I just might have to become a Dodgers fan… 🙂



Afterward, on our way out, we couldn’t help but get excited when we saw this…


… after all, one of our first few movie dates was to see Hangover II.

After the movie, we headed straight to the grocery store to get supplies for Momma’s Mother’s Day dinner!  Daddy, Jarid & I cooked for her and Randa bear handled clean-up.  I got some chicken sausages, produce, diet soda, and no sugar added vanilla bean ice cream.

Seasoned, roasted sweet & russet potatoes, grilled chicken sausages (Spicy Jalapeno & Sweet Italian varieties), sauteed onions & peppers (for sausage topping), and romaine salad with cukes & cherry tomatoes.

After dinner, Momma opened her gift from us girls.

momHow cute is she? 🙂

Unfortunately, what we ordered for her, STILL hadn’t arrived yet.  I made sure the order was placed in time for it to arrive by the REAL Mother’s Day, last weekend, so you can imagine my frustration, when it still hadn’t arrived, a week after.

Anyway, we got her an Origami Owl necklace with a bunch of charms (a palm tree, a softball, our birthstones, a cross, a “Mom” heart, and a “blessed” plate) for inside!

Everyone enjoyed Root Beer floats for dessert and we called it a night.

Sunday, our routine was most like every other Sunday, I worked out, we ate breakfast, showered, got ready, we went to church, praised Jesus, and got some lunch.

lunchThis box was a little different than normal! I  love how Wegman’s hot bar changes with the seasons.  My box contained, a tiny shrimp cake, a few bites of chicken & broccoli, corn, pintos, black beans, & garbanzos in Tabasco sauce, shaved, roasted brussel sprouts, braised cabbage, and pan seared red peppers + mushrooms.

This is where the title of this post comes in.  It’s rare that Jarid and I take “rest days”, where we do nothing but lounge around and relax.  This Sunday, we definitely needed it.  I felt super guilty, because two of my cousins had a birthday party in Halifax, and we planned on going, but when we got home around 2:15-30 (which would’ve already made us 2 1/2 hrs late, not even including more travel time), we decided to lay low and get some R&R in.  We both felt a little blah from all the running around we’ve been doing.  We also got a lot accomplished that night (sorting through more old clothing to donate/consign, folding laundry, and doing dishes).  Sometimes you really do just need a break!

By the way, I’m a little jealous (okay, a lot jealous) of all of you bloggers out there who made it to the Blend Retreat 2013!  Believe it or not, I actually won the stay at the hotel and registration from one of my FAVORITE, gorgeous bloggers, Katie @ Yes I Want Cake, but we just couldn’t swing a $517 flight.  Ultimate bummer.  Maybe someday! 🙂


One thought on “Feeling Guilty But Well-Rested

  1. When you say “online yardsaling,” are you talking Craigslist and ebay? Or is there some other place you’re doing this? We need to start selling stuff pretty soon, so I’m looking for all the different ways to go about doing that.

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