And Then There Were Eight.

Today marks Jarid & my 8th month of marriage.  Yeah, we’re saps about sentimental dates (sorry, I’m not sorry).  Personally, I enjoy “celebrating” the little things in life.  It reminds me to always be thankful for what I have.  I may or may not have sneaked a card to Jarid this morning, just to tell him how much I love, appreciate & respect him and all that he is.  Enough mush, I guess…on to more exciting things… like the fact that another girl with my name found me on Pinterest and is now following all of my boards…what are the odds?

pinterestYou know what else today is?  The Season Finale of The Office.  Jarid and I watched a “farewell” video from the cast last night  on his tablet.  It was so sad to see each of the cast members talk about how positive the experience has been and how emotional they are seeing it come to an end.  They couldn’t emphasize enough how grateful they were to their loyal fans… they mentioned several times that fans are the ones who fought for the show… it wasn’t always a hit.


Being that yesterday was a particularly emotional day for me, since I’ve been struggling with what to do about my engagement ring and the issues with Kay Jeweler’s, I was feeling especially vulnerable by the sweetness of the video regarding The Office.

To add to the Kay’s story, we’ve had issues with my ring from the very beginning.  When Jarid proposed, I fell in love with it!  Little did I know, that thing would be such a pain in the butt.  Small diamond after small diamond had fallen out.  We’d ordered a brand new ring, thinking that my particular ring may have just been defective… unfortunately, it happened again with the SECOND one.  Time after time it happened.  I felt as if I had been without my ring more than I’d been able to actually wear it…and when I did, I was walking on egg shells being über careful not to ajar any stones (not something you should ever have to worry about for the amount of $$ these things cost!) Turns out, my ring had been discontinued, so the option of custom ordering a size 5 was no longer available.  To top things off, the only two rings that were even CLOSE to being similar or appealing to me (after perusing the online options and the in-store options for hours upon hours), were at least $2,000  more than what mine cost, leaving us to foot the bill.  You’d think that after all the hell we were put through, they would’ve found a way to help us out.  Granted, the sales woman who was helping us was kind and understanding of our frustration, but that was our only consolation.  I’m at the point now, where I’d just like to return my ring and look elsewhere, so I’m contacting customer service today to see if it’s an option…. end rant.

Each day, there are positives and negatives.. It’s what we choose to focus on that determine our attitudes, so let’s focus on something else, shall we?

Like the fact that Manitoba Harvest and 22Days Nutrition are stinking awesome and sent me some terrific products to review on the blog?!

I cannot wait to try out the Hemp Hearts and these delicious looking energy & protein bars.  Do you see all those flavors?  PB & Chocolate Chip Nirvana, Nut Butter Buddha, Daily Mocha Mantra, Fruit Nut Karma, Pineapple Chocolate Wonder, Cherry Chocolate Bliss, Goji Mate Firecracker, and Enlightened Pumpkinseed! Each are made with raw & organic superfoods.  They’re gluten-free, too!


This day also marks the official end of the Spring 2013 semester.  Although I only took two classes in order to ease myself back into school since the wedding, I was pretty happy to see my grades.  I’m a little ticked that I was about .75 points away from having an A in my Marketing class, though.  For the Summer, I’m taking three more classes: Environmental Science, Classical Mythology (to fill my diversity credit), and Life Cycle Development.

I can’t let this post go without a foodie picture… so, I’ll show you my Wegman’s box from last night.  It was my comfort meal that Jarid suggested.

dindinKale & yam salad, cucumbers & tomatoes in sesame dressing, steamed old bay shrimp, beet & raisin quinoa, braised purple cabbage, jicama honey and pineapple salad, chicken & broccoli, and a few roasted red peppers.

He knows my little box of goodies can turn a frown upside down in a hurry and after that night at Kay’s, I could definitely use a pick-me-up.

What’s new in your world?  What would you do if you were in my shoes as far as the ring issue?


One thought on “And Then There Were Eight.

  1. I can totally relate on the ring business!! It’s been a constant struggle with Kay’s!! Had my ring sized 3+ times… Never sized the band and ring together as a set only to find out all 3 didn’t fit at the current size. More than a handful of loose stones, a scratched diamond which ended up in a new ring (thankfully the same version, but the symbolism still felt weird that it wasn’t my original ring). Every time I had my ring inspected it needed to go out for some kind of problem. There was a time it came back and needed to go back right away because it didn’t pass their inspection and I was without for over a good month. Then I got it sautered and it came back with a big gap between the ring and one of the band sides (I have a band on each side) so I sent it back to be fixed and it came back again with about a 2mm gap between the ring so at that point I just kept it because it had already gone out twice. Now I’ve been living with a ring that looks good on one side and a gap in the other. Ill have to show you. Very disappointed in the service and quality!! Hang in there! You’re not alone

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