Mother’s Day Weekend 2013

Jarid and I haven’t had a date night in quite awhile.  We decided that dinner, froyo, and a Redbox was just what the doctor ordered on Friday night, so when we both got home from work, we headed to The Pizza Grille for some grub.

For six consecutive years, The Pizza Grille had been voted one of Harrisburg’s Best Restaurants, so my hopes were high and the meal definitely met my expectations.  When we arrived, we were seated and soon after, one of Jarid’s close friends and his wife we seated right next to us!  Such a small world.  Anyway, we enjoyed the conversation and catching up quite a bit.  I ordered the grilled chicken entree which came with grilled squash & zucchini and a side salad of organic greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.  The dressing was perfectly distributed and not too heavy at all.  I didn’t quite finish the HUGE portion of chicken I was served, because after all, we had big plans for Bamboo after dinner.  Cheesecake, Dutch Chocolate, and California tart for me, sans toppings; Chocolate for him with Butterfinger, whipped cream, and Reece’s. Our movie of choice?  Guilt Trip.  It was more sappy than it was funny, which isn’t what I was expecting, but nevertheless, it was pretty decent.

Saturday Jarid & I had quite the to-do list on our hands.  He mowed the lawn while I worked out, and then when he left to work at the beer distributor for a few hours (he only does it once in a great while, to help out a family friend), I cleaned the bathrooms, swept, and folded laundry.

Before I knew it, I was showered and ready to head out the door with my sister.  We planned on getting together to finish up a Mother’s Day project I’d started (more on that later), but ended up going grocery shopping (since our cupboards at home were bare), picking up my engagement ring (which has had to be sent away now, a total of SIX times due to loose diamonds!?!?!?? Grr), and doing a bit more Mother’s Day Shopping.  Anyhow, all missions were accomplished, and when I got home, I started working on one of the Mother’s Day gifts that we went to get supplies for:

DIY Flip Flop Wreath

wreath2What you’ll need:

  • 6 pair of bright colored flip flops (I think it’s cutest if you mix and match solids and patterns) — I found a few of the patterned ones at places like the Dollar Tree and Five BelowOld Navy‘s are 2 for $5, but only the solid colors.
  • A hot glue gun (for assembly)
  • Ribbon (for hanging)
  • 6 Silk flowers (seashells would be cute, too!)



1.  Plug in your glue gun, but before it is ready to be used, lay out your flip flops the way you want them to look.  It’s always best to do this first in case you don’t like the order/arrangement and then it’s too late to change.

togetherPersonally, I think it’s best if you can manage to do every other flip flop solid/patterned.  You want to plan it out, so that each flip flop in the pair is directly across from the other.  The flip flops will overlap.  Two heels will be touching on “top” and two will be touching on the “bottom” if you see what I mean.  For example, all the patterned ones are touching on the “bottom” and all the solids are touching on the “top”.  You’ll be gluing the bottom of the solid flip flops to the top of the patterned ones (or vice versa, whichever way you prefer).  The flip flops will naturally form the circular shape, so you don’t need to worry about turning it into a circle.


2. After you’re satisfied with the arrangement, one by one, use your hot glue gun to attach the flip flops.

 3.  Most likely, the silk flowers will only be able to be bought attached to a stem, so you’ll need to pop the tops off, like so.  You can discard the stems.

gluegun4.  Put thin strips of hot glue on the rubber thong part of every other flip flop in your arrangement and immediately place and press one of your flowers.  Just as the flip flops, we did every other color (white, yellow, white yellow).

flipflop5. Lace the ribbon through two or three of your flip flops for hanging purposes and give the hot glue a little bit of time to try (5-10 minutes should be plenty!)


Sunday was the big reveal and I was super excited to give our homemade gift to Momma. Unfortunately, she and Pops had to run a softball tournament all day on Mother’s Day, but Jarid and I made the trip in the morning to make sure we had time to spend with them!  My Momma is the best one there is (I swear, I’m not biased ;)) and I want her to know how special she is to me.  As I’ve grown, she’s become not only my biggest role model, but one of my very best friends.  She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I can’t imagine what or where I’d be without her.  She’s the rock that keeps our family pushing forward.  She’s an angel.

Momma LOVED her flip flop wreath, so that was a good thing.  They had gotten Panera for lunch at least, so Mother’s Day lunch wouldn’t have to consist of hot dogs and hamburgers from the concession stand.  I actually packed my lunch, and Jarid had eaten before we left the house.  For me?  Turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on Rudi’s Gluten-free Original sandwich bread with reduced fat olive oil mayo.  Can’t tell you the last time I ate a BLT.  It totally hit the spot.  Other packed snacks included gluten-free pretzel sticks and  a  reduced fat white-cheddar cheese wedge <–this snack is a MaMa classic!  Made me think of her and all the times we ate pretzels & cheese wiz at her house ❤  After spending some time with my family, we headed to E-ville to hang out with Jarid’s Momma and Grandma.  We were there until about 4:30 and then left to come home, stopping to see Nana, my Godmom, too.  We definitely made our rounds, and by the time we got home, we were both pooped.  All we wanted to do was veg out… so we did!  Ice cream was eaten, too.  Best way to end the weekend.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you Momma’s out there.  You have the toughest job in the world ❤ Thank you for all you do.


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