Orange You Glad It’s Friday?

I used to love jokes when I was little.  I, however, didn’t stop at the classic, orange you glad I didn’t say banana” joke.  Somehow, I came up with my own… like…


Q: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

A: “To get to the umbrella!“.

I had quite the imagination.  Now, my tastes have changed a bit… I’m more into the sarcastic and dry humor.  I’m sincerely sad to say that I watched the second to last episode (EVER) of The Office.



As excited as I am for Dwight’s wedding next week, I am thoroughly upset that after that hour next Thursday night, Pam & Jim will just be a love story  memory.  By the way, if you haven’t seen John Krasinski lip synch to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, you really should click here.  You’re welcome.

In other, less depressing news… I’ve been getting my afternoon chocolate fix with these no sugar added chocolate covered raisins.

raisinsWe found them in the bulk bins at our local Giant Food Store.  They’re not super cheap, but we make them last.

Only, after, of course, I clean my veggie tupperware that was filled with kale salad dressed in Mama Pea’s Mmm Sauce.

kaleMy idea of balance, right there 😉

When I got home from work yesterday, I swept the house, folded laundry, and made dinner… after all that was accomplished, I cut and painted my nails.  Lately, Pinterest has encouraged me test out my painting skills with these easy forms of nail decor.

These pictures are a sad reminder as well, that I’ve now been without my engagement ring for another two weeks due to one of the tiny diamonds on the band falling out.  Kay’s better do a darn good job of making it up to me.  I feel like I’ve been without it more than I’ve been able to wear it!

On a brighter note, I received another awesome product for review in the mail yesterday!  Pacific Beach Peanut Butter in Toffee, White Chocolate, and Cinnayum.  I am dying to dig in.

Even better?  The founder, Matthew Mulvihill fell in love with the idea of making his own peanut butter after trying it straight from a grinder for the first time.  I adore the fact that his business is so family involved… his Mom is actually the executive assistant!  Each of their jars is filled by HAND… but like I said… more on that later 😉 Sorry for the teaser!

Another shout out to BAMR (Bada$$ Mother Runner) Bands.  I won this grey chevron BAMR Band from Kasey @ Powercakes’ giveaway a little while ago, and I probably wear it twice a week.

chevronSince I workout in the morning and only wash my hair three times a week (or else it gets too dry), this little band can really dress up my locks.  Plus, I never get headaches from it the way I do other headbands.  It’s got this soft, velvety underside to the printed part, making it impossible to pull your hair, too.  Frankly, it’s awesome.  I may need to get this one, this one, and this one so I can alternate colors and match other outfits.

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!  Anyone have a suggestion on where to get some grub? I think we’re going to order somewhere to go and enjoy this gorgeous weather down by the river (you know, since it’s basically in our backyard and all).



3 thoughts on “Orange You Glad It’s Friday?

  1. I’ve never heard of https:PB peanut butter before. What an awesome product to be able to review. Heading to the site now to check out the nutritional facts!

    p.s. I totally wish I had talent in the painting nails department. I’m about as horrible as a 5 yr old… 😦

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