Tuesday Tidbits.

Since I’m a slacker and haven’t had the chance to post about the fun things in my weekend, yet (HEY, it’s finals week.  Get off my back), here goes.

Friday, I put in a couple hours of leave to make it to see my littlest sister off to her first PROM.


Talk about nostalgia.  It’s not hard to see how much I love this little one.

She looked absolutely stunning (then again, when doesn’t she), but what I am more proud of her for, is the person she is.  Oh, and her guns.  Look at those arms!  She’d kick my butt in arm wrestling 😉

Afterward, Jarid & I had plans with friends to see Iron Man 3 in IMAX.  It was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it.

The movie was fantastic.  I loved it.  Afterward, we hung out at Chili’s and caught up for awhile.  We got home around 12 and this grandma was more than ready for bed.

Saturday, was the most amazing Daddy in the world’s birthday… that would be mine, of course 🙂

I can’t tell you how much I wish I could go back to the days when we would travel to AAU basketball tournaments just the two of us, so I could relive and appreciate them more.  At the time, sure it was fun, but I didn’t treasure those memories and live in the moment as much as I wish I would’ve.  Those times with my Dad are some I’ll never forget.  Love him SO much and I cherish our relationship more now than I ever have.

Before it got too dark, we played some outdoor volleyball, too!  It was a blast.  Being barefoot, having a campfire, spending time with family,  roasting marshmallows, and staring at the stars make for a pretty awesome Saturday night in my book.


The last time I wore this dress, was the day before my wedding, when I went with a bunch of the bridesmaids and some friends to get mani & pedi treatments.  I felt like a hippie this time, partially due to the fact that I used my camel colored cross-body that I recently purchased from Target with a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket.


Sunday’s message in church was awesome.  It was all about how we are called to bless people, and how we can turn menial tasks into meaningful tasks when we do them for the glory of God.  Imagine that:  Going to work, doing the dishes, folding the laundry can all be done to bless someone, whether it’s your family, your company, or your co-workers.  Be a blessing, and GOD will bless you.  Pretty cool how that works, huh?  😉

Afterward, was my favorite meal, weekly ritual:


Wegman’s box of rainbows.  In this one, we’ve got balsamic mushrooms, quinoa with raisins, beets, and honey, chinese chicken & broccoli, vegetarian meatballs, bean salad with corn, red onion, cilantro, and tabasco sauce, braised purple cabbage topped with red beets, shredded cabbage with apple cider vinegar, agave, and red peppers, and some grilled zucchini is in there somewhere.   Glorious.  That’s all I can even say.

We went home from there and began working on our garden!

At this point, I was roasting outside!  I’d been digging up weeds, tilling the soil, trying to moisten it, and prepare it for planting!

We put the red and yellow peppers together with the four tomato plants we bought.

For the big bed, which looks like nothing now, because we had to plant them as seeds, as opposed to plants, we will be harvesting spinach, lettuce, and onions in this section:


Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to see some produce grow in my own backyard!  I will be sure to post updates on how my baby gardens are doing, too.

As our reward, we treated ourselves to some fro-yo.  Being that it was so darn hot, this was a must.

He’s so mysterrrrrrriousssss.  Ha.

Anyway, can you guess whose is whose?  I’ll give you a hint… I’m quite a minimalist when it comes to frozen yogurt.  Sometimes I don’t like my foods to mix.  I will eat fruit separately and frozen yogurt separately, but mix them together?  I feel like they lose their individual flavor rather than enhance one another.  Weird?  Maybe so.   Jarid wasn’t afraid to mix, though… He chose Cherry Amaretto & Orange Sorbet topped with kiwi, mango, pineapple, and raspberries with whipped cream.  Me?  I got California Tart & Cheesecake.  ❤

It was a heck of a weekend.  I hope yours was, too!

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