Cool Ranch Kale Chips.

I adapted this recipe from the queen of dehydrating, The Fitnessista.  As per usual, I had to change up a few ingredients and improvise, based on the ingredients I had and did not have at home.

post bake

These babies didn’t last long in our house.  I’ve been a huge fan of kale chips since the first time I tried them.  Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale are probably some of my favorite… but at $6.99 per bag, I couldn’t afford to be buying them as often as I’d like.

This recipe not only makes a lot more than you’d get from a  prepackaged batch, but it’s a whole lot cheaper, too.  It’s really pretty simple!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Cool Ranch Kale Chips:

-1 C. raw cashews, soaked in water for 1 hour to soften

-1 bunch of kale

-1/8 C. water

-1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

-1 Tbsp. nutritional yeast

-1/2 tsp. dried parsley

-1/4 tsp. garlic powder

-1/4 tsp. dried dill

-1/4 tsp.  salt

-3/4 Tbsp. onion powder

-paprika and extra salt for sprinkling before baking


1- Blend the cashews, water and seasonings (except paprika) in a small food processor until smooth (you cane leave it a little chunky.


2- Wash the kale and remove the stems. Tear off chip-sized pieces of the kale and add to the bowl. Using your hands, massage the mixture onto the kale bites so that each piece is well coated.


3- Transfer the kale to a baking sheet (I always cover mine in aluminum foil before spraying with non-stick cooking spray for an easy cleanup and one less pan to wash).


4- Bake in the oven at 250° for about 2-2.5 hours, rearranging after 1 hour due to the kale on the outside getting the most crisping action.  You may need to bake them longer depending on how powerful your oven is, and how wet your kale chips are.


5- Try not to eat the whole bowl in one sitting… but if you do, I would totally understand 😉

These make awesome snacks that have a crapton of vitamins and minerals from the kale including: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Calcium, and Potassium.  Then, you’ve got a little protein punch from the cashews and nutritional yeast flakes, plus a bit of healthy fat which will help you feel satiated.  All in all, it’s quite a superfood powerhouse.




5 thoughts on “Cool Ranch Kale Chips.

  1. hi there! I had a question.. so I made these and was a little disappointed at what happened after they cooked. when I made your recipe for the ranch and tried it pre-cook it was AMAAAAAAAAZING!! I couldn’t even believe how much like ranch it tasted!!! but when I cooked it, I lost SO much of that flavor, I don’t know what happened :_( do you have any advice on how to keep the zesty flavor of your raw ranch flavor through the cooking process? should I just do double spices to the same amount of cashews? (it kinda tastes like the roasty cashew flavor took over) or maybe more vinegar? (perhaps the zingy vinegar cooks out??) they are still good but the flavor was so much better pre-cook. any tips would be much appreciated!

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