The Final Cut.

I can’t begin to describe how amazing all of you readers’ responses were to my last post.  While I wrote it, I had a clear vision in mind… God put it there.  I had all intentions of helping someone else… giving them hope while they might be dealing with a similar situation in their lives.  I don’t know if I was able to help anyone, but what I do know, is that it was surely a blessing to me, all of the feedback and positive, sweet comments that I got from friends, family and acquaintances.   Thank you all, so, so much.


This weekend is the first one that’s actually FELT like the weekend for me in a while.  Sure, we still had plans, but we also got some ample “rest” time to recuperate for the work week.

I’ve actually got a BUNCH of new recipes that I’m excited to share (Parmesan & Pea Pesto, Cauliflower & Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing, and Cool Ranch Kale Chips), but first a few tidbits from the weekend.

Saturday morning after a light workout, I showered & headed to Halifax to watch my little sis tear it up on the softball field.

Their first game they won by more than ten runs!  It was sunny and beautiful, but I froze my butt off.  The wind cut through me like a knife!  I was thankful when lunchtime came because it gave me an excuse to sit in the car for a little bit!

This salad is one of the best I’ve had.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that I adapted a bit, and will be sharing the recipe later.  On the right, a Cara Cara orange –my favorite kind!

Anyway, from there, I took my butt home and got bored, so I folded laundry.  When I ran out, I worked out a bit more and watched Hairspray on TV.

I ended up showering and getting ready for the night pretty quickly and just had to wait until my man got home from work.  We had been asked by the Godparents to go to dinner with them & the Godsiblings.


The restaurant TT had selected was none other than The Final Cut at the Hollywood Casino.  It was a beautiful day, and I had been looking forward to our date with them this entire week!


We love them all so darn much.

The Final Cut Steakhouse was smack dab in the middle of the casino, nestled into the center of the room with a large “red carpeted” feel to the entrance.

As we walked in, we were seated by our friendly hostess, just to the right of the doors and were serenaded then entire meal by live music from the piano man.


He was incredible.  We actually didn’t even realize it was live music until we left and saw him.  It sounded as though it had come from a recording studio.

Being that it was the Hollywood casino, throughout, you could find bits and pieces of memorabilia from movies.


Encased in the wall just above our table, was one of the actual suits that James Bond wore in one of the 007 movies.


To my back, was a huge wall of wine, and already situated on our table top, was an iPad with a full listing of all that they offered on the drink menu…


…complete with food pairing suggestions and wine descriptions.  Neat!

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on the menu what I would be ordering

The wood fired grilled filet was calling out my name.  TT talked me into getting the 8oz vs. the 6oz., so I didn’t order any appetizers in order to save room.

After ordering, our server brought us some complimentary potato leek soup samples to try

I was pretty sure it contained gluten, so I stayed away from it, but Jarid said they were pretty good!  I think he had mine, too 🙂

Abbie ordered a salad and TT ordered the French Onion soup…of course I had to photograph them.

They were each very pleased! Along with the appetizers, the server brought two huge baskets of all thing bread, from cheddar biscuits to pretzel rolls, to parmesan encrusted flatbread crackers.

Jarid had to take a picture of the butter since it had the initials of the restaurant stamped into it.  Ha

The service was prompt and attentive.  Before we knew it, we had our entrees.  The timing was impeccable!


I chose steamed asparagus as my side and the steak came with a little arugula & cherry tomato garnish.  They also offered sauces (I asked for the red wine variety), but ended up not even touching it!


The steak was so flavorful all on its own.  It literally melted in my mouth.  Those 8oz. went down pretty easily 😉


Jarid picked the Prime NY Strip with Yukon gold potato puree, asparagus, and bordelaise sauce.  He, too, agreed that it was the best meal he’d ever eaten.

Everyone was way too full for dessert, but when we were finished, the server brought complimentary white chocolate raspberry cake pops to our table.


Too full to eat one, but so cute to look at!  They were about the same size as a lollipop.

After the meal, Nana & TT and Brent & Abbie headed home, but Bran, Jared, Jarid, and I stuck around to play a few games and to check out the free museum in the casino.

There were costumes, props, and outfits from people like Elvis, Indiana Jones, Marilyn Monroe, and many more.  It was short, sweet and free.

Next we tried our luck in the casino


Obviously neither of us are big gamblers, but it was fun to play a few rounds with a couple bucks.  Bran & Jared actually made out pretty well and ended up $45 to the positive!

From there, we met up with Jarid’s cousins downtown for a celebration of their new home!


Congrats to Mal & Troy!  We had a few drinks with them but didn’t stay out real late.  After all, we wanted to get up for church in the morning!

stachIt was a fun time.  I’ll leave you with this gem to end the post ❤



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