The Randa Bear Turns Double Deuce.

To add to this weekend’s groundhog hunting adventure, we got to do some partying with this beautiful birthday girl!


Our little Randa Bear turned double-deuce on the 11th, and we had a party for her on Sunday evening at Momma & Pops’ house.


Her meal of choice, to be served, was a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite… POT PIE.  Served three ways… sausage, chicken, and ham.


Jarid tried a little bit of each, and deemed HAM the favorite.  Something I could’ve easily guessed.  Momma, always thoughtful, saved a chunk of chicken from the pot-pie making just for me to enjoy boiled.  I brought my own hummus (which she had actually given to me at Easter), and dominated this table:


Lucky me, my Aunt Teena sent me home with all the extras that were leftover from the veggie tray!


After dinner, we played a dice game we’d all grown up playing at our MaMa’s house.  It was exclusively HER game, and we played it in her honor.  Randa was very close to “Grandma B”, as she called her, and we’re pretty sure MaMa helped her win from Heaven as a birthday gift 😉


Next up, was singing “Happy Birthday” along with cake and ice cream.


Family gatherings always leave me with a content, warm, fuzzy feeling for days to come ❤

If you’ve never played the dice game, try it out! It’ll quickly become a favorite, I’m sure 😉



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