The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…

…bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun, just thinkin’ about, tomorrow, wipes away the cobwebs and the sorrow, til there’s none…


Since Friday night when we saw “Annie”, presented by the Halifax Drama Club at my Alma Mater, that song has been stuck in my head!

We made it a family event and got to sit with my parents & sisters for the show.


My cousin and Godsister, Tori was in the chorus for the play. She made the most adorable little orphan!


The little girl who played Annie was absolutely incredible.  I would’ve bought tickets just to hear her sing again.  As young as she was, she sure had a stage presence!

We pretty much crashed when we got home.  I was beat.  Saturday we had quite a bit on the agenda…most of which could be done at home.  Like… pancakes for breakfast 🙂

These are Jarid’s, since my 2-Ingredient pancakes never really turn out too photogenic.  His are always prettier.

Next, we made a master plan to kill a mangy groundhogs who managed to make huge craters all over our yard.  We decided that since we had no other weapons, like a trap or poison, we would get resourceful and make use of the gorgeous knife set we got as a wedding gift.


Yes, that is a knife in my husband’s hand.  It was my brilliant idea to try throwing the knives at the yard abominations, since we had nothing else… I was half kidding, but went out the door with one in hand and Jarid followed.

I’m pretty sure at this point, our neighbors who were out walking their dogs thought we were clinically insane, but I was laughing so hard we didn’t even get a shot at the thing before it ran away anyhow.

I got a nice workout in (my heart rate monitor is broken, so you won’t be seeing any watch shots in the near future) – 25 minutes on the elliptical and then a brief abs/obliques workout.


I had a TON and I mean a TON of Marketing studying to do.  I had to take a test (which, I’m proud to say, I scored a 91% on), but I needed to read through the chapters to take notes first.  I also had a project to finish for the class, so I spent a good 2 hours on this before I took a break.

The only thing that helped me through the misery was this yummy coffee drink I made.  See, I had brewed some Keurig coffee before I began my studies, but totally forgot about it.  It was lukewarm, so I blended it with some ice and a 1/2 scoop of this Vega Smoothie mix.  Voila! A mocha iced coffee.  Very refreshing.

While I was hitting the books, Jarid was outside playing…

…with power tools, that is.  First the lawnmower and then the sander.  I really appreciate that he does so much around the house.  Even later when I did the laundry and put dishes away, he helped.  He’s amazing in that way… he takes initiative to do it on his own as well.

Next on our to-do list, was grocery shopping.  We stocked the fridge and the freezer pretty full.

Since I had already gotten lots of frozen vegetables the last time I went (broccoli, snap peas, cauliflower, peas, corn), this time we just picked some green beans.  Jarid picked out two freezer meals + some lean pockets.  We found some No Sugar Added Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream on sale, too, which was snatched up.  We bought our fair share of fresh produce, too… cucumber, celery, avocados, oranges, apples, bananas, etc.

On the way home, Jarid picked up some Arooga’s boneless wings, and I got a small box of veggie goodness from Wegman’s with seaweed salad on the side.


I’ve got to say, this stuff is probably one of my favorite foods.  I wish I had the recipe for Wegman’s dressing!

When we got home, all we could think about was cuddling up and relaxing for a bit, so that’s what we did!


It was a wonderful, productive Saturday, and Sunday was a blast too!  More on that, next 😉


3 thoughts on “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…

  1. AWWWWWWHHHHHHHH!!!!! You and Jarid are PERFECT for each other! How sweet he is too — working around the house, helping YOU out, and making time to have fun with you, along with all of the other things he has to do. And YOU, for everything you do for him — I know he appreciates it. 🙂

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