3 Guys & a Girl.

This weekend, Jarid & I hosted our first ever house guests.  I was a bit anxious about it, so Jarid helped make sure that everything was perfect for their arrival.  We actually reorganized our entire kitchen, which I had been meaning to do for awhile now.  For starters, we had a ton of items on our counter tops.  I’m talking bottles of lime juice, lemon juice, dressing, etc.  And then there were baggies of coconut flour, unsweetened coconut, almond meal, flax meal, corn meal, etc. too.  I just had no more cabinet space for it all!  Apparently there were a ton of dishes/cookware that we never used which was taking up a ton of room, so we moved some of it to storage and put most of it away.  ktichen

We wiped down the cabinets, counter tops, the stove, and Jarid cleaned out the refrigerator.  Then, I used these adorable glass jars, which we received as a wedding gift off of our registry to hold some of the flours I mentioned before.


I felt MUCH better about the way it looked afterward and everything is so much more organized!  Not only did we fix up the kitchen, but we also organized the spare bedroom (aka, my second closet), and prettied up our basement, which is where the boys ended up sleeping.

Jarid kept stressing to me that none of this was really a big deal, and that the boys were just happy to be with us.  I knew he was right, but there’s some bit of pride that I got from my Momma about keeping a tidy home.  Jarid even cleaned the bathrooms for me!  He really is amazing.

Now, to meet our guests:


I’ve adopted Jarid’s nicknames for these guys: Gerbie & Snickers aka Mark & Nick.  As you can see, they were both in our wedding, along with their other college buddy, Sean on the far left, who we met up with on Friday night and they went out with on Saturday night.  Every single one of them are wonderful guys… friendly and inviting. I never felt like a 3rd wheel, or like I was invading on “guy time”.  They always welcomed me to come along with open arms, which meant a lot.

Friday night, upon their arrival, we went out to a new place I’d never been before:  Federal Taphouse Harrisburg



Obviously it was much more full than this… and dark, which is why I had to borrow pictures from another site.  It really was gorgeous inside!


And they had 100 beers on tap.



A lot of the time I just spent enjoying listening to their conversations and watching them have a blast catching up.


I think it’s so cool that they can literally go without seeing one another for like 6 months and then pick up right where they left off when they see each other again.  That’s a special kind of friendship 🙂  Later on in the night, Mark & Nick kicked BUTT at Bourbon Street where they were champs of the pong table.  By 2am, I felt like a zombie.  I’m such a grandma when it comes to having a “bedtime”.  12am is late for me.  It probably didn’t help me that I had nothing in my belly to give me energy!  I didn’t touch a drink the whole night… NO I’m not pregnant, I just don’t really drink.

Needless to say, I zonked out when we got home and didn’t wake up until about 11:30am the next day.


No one else was awake yet, so I quietly mixed 1/2 sweet potato + 2 eggs and made some of these 2-Ingredient Pancakes smothered in Brummel & Brown + sugar free Log Cabin maple syrup. Mmmm.  I figured it’d be a nice gesture to make the boys some pancakes for when they woke up, too, so I got to work.

By about 1pm, they still hadn’t woken up yet… Jarid had, though.  So, I went for a run outside.  It was absolutely GORGEOUS out.  I couldn’t stand to be indoors for another minute.


I ran out of our development, across the bridge near our house, and turned around to come back home.  It was only about 2.75 miles, but it felt amazinggg.  I can’t tell you the last time I went on an outdoor run!  I started out running up a pretty steep hill, so the next day, my legs & hip flexors were super tight.


When I got back home, the boys weren’t up yet, so I grabbed my laptop and went outside for a quick strength training workout I found on Pinterest.  By this time I was super sweaty.


I decided that I’d “cool off” by reading my Bible & doing my daily devotional on the deck, too.


It was an excellent choice, I might add 🙂  That sunshine was absolutely fabulous.  Meanwhile, inside, the boys enjoyed their pancakes and then headed to the couch for some cuddle time.


It was too cute.

Since it was almost 12pm when I ate breakfast, I didn’t get hungry again until about 3:45pm when I decided to throw together a little Chipotle inspired bowl of goodness.


Black beans, brown rice, avocado, shredded romaine, tomatoes, homemade taco sauce, red onion, and 0% Chobani for “sour cream”


That night, the boys went out again, but I just couldn’t hang.  I fell asleep at about 11:45PM trying to wait up for them, but they hadn’t even left until 9:45PM.  All I really wanted was for them to have a great time, so I can say I was a happy camper.

In the morning, Jarid & I watched the podcast that Christian-Life Assembly had posted since we didn’t want to just leave the boys sleep and go without them.


I hate missing church, but watching a podcast is better than nothing!  This was two weeks in a row for us, since last week was Easter.  You better believe my butt will be parked in a pew next week.  Missing church makes me feel like I haven’t had a chance to be renewed for a whole week.

The boys hung out until about 3pm, and then we said our goodbyes.


From there, Jarid worked in the yard while I did some dishes and meal prepped for the coming week.  He also started a load of laundry for me while I went to the grocery store.  We make a darn good team if you ask me 😉

I grabbed a wheat-free snack and we took a little time after I got home to hit the basketball court!  We ended the night watching some basketball and just relaxing.  All in all, it was a great weekend with some beloved friends<3


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