The Good Bean Giveaway!

When I decided that I was going to go gluten-free, a snack lover inside me was a bit sad.  I knew that a lot of the things I would throw in my purse before I left the house would no longer be acceptable.  I had no idea that there were so many ingredients that contain the stuff.  Lucky for me, there are tons of new-to-me products lately who make the perfect snack for people like me.  The Good Bean is one of them.  Thank you so much to Meagan from the company for hooking me up with some gluten-free bars and chickpea snacks to try out for this review!


The Good Bean prides itself in being gluten-free and soy-free, along with being nut-free, cholesterol-free, lowfat, low in carbohydrates, nothing over-engineered, nothing artificial.

So, how do they make something so deliciously wholesome?  The chickpeas are dry roasted sloooowly, and then tossed with tasty spices.

The clean ingredients make these take-along friendly munchies super appealing to me.  They’re minimally processed, GMO free, Fair Trade, Hexane Free, and all-natural.

The Good Bean Chickpea snacks come in four different flavors:


The Sweet Cinnamon were definitely my favorite!


INGREDIENTS: Roasted chickpeas, evaporated cane juice, spices, coarse salt, gum arabic, expeller-pressed canola oil (non-GMO), Vitamin E.

Each of the varieties has just 140-150 calories per serving (1/2 the bag), 2-3.5g fat (0g saturated), 6g fiber, & 6-7g protein!  How’s that for a powerhouse grubbing?

My second favorite were the Smoky Chili & Lime!


They definitely had a nice kick to them.  The spices on these reminded me of Sriracha sauce mixed with lime juice!  There had to be cayenne powder in there 😉

I find myself munching on them throughout the day while I’m sitting at my desk at work.  I justify it because they’re so darn healthy.


The Sea Salt were yummy, too!  I’m a fan of salty+sweet, so I alternated… handful of chickpeas, handful of blueberries.  I highly suggest that combo, actually.

The Cracked Pepper we just “okay”.  I liked the flavor, but they kept making me sneeze?  Haha.  Maybe it’s because allergy season is here, and it was just coincidence.  Either way, they were a little heavy on the pepper for my taste.

The Good Bean also makes Fruit & No Nuts Bars!



These puppies were my favorite of the two products.  I’m a sucker for a crunchy, flavorful bar.

The Apricot Coconut blew any “which flavor is best” contest out of the water.barnutrition2

These bars are a little higher in sugar than the chickpea snacks, but all of the ingredients were totally recognizable.  Still, just 130 calories and 4.5g of fat, for something that tastes like dessert, complete with 5g protein and 5g fiber?  I’ll take it!

The Chocolate Berry was good, too!  I enjoyed each and every one of the little chocolate chips scattered throughout.


I really appreciated the fact that the bars didn’t taste OVERLY sweet.  You know how some things make you feel sick after you’ve eaten them?  These didn’t do that to my belly at all.


As far as favorites, it was a tie for second place between the Chocolate Berry and the Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix bar.  The pumpkin seeds with the cranberries were a wonderful combo.  This bar in particular, struck me as the best one to crumble on top of a yogurt cup for a more fulfilling snack.  It’d be like chickpea “granola”, if you will.

After trying out The Good Bean products, I am super excited about all of the new snacks that I’ve opened up to since I’ve gone gluten-free.

Thank you again, so much to the company for sending me these goodies!

The Good Bean is so generous that they want to give one of YOU all the chance to try out all of these varieties, too!  You’ll win the EXACT package that Meagan sent to me! All four varieties of the chickpea snacks and the three flavors of Fruit & No-Nuts bars!

Here’s how to enter:

1- Leave a comment on this post telling me which of these products sounds best to you.

2- Like” The Good Bean on Facebook and leave a comment here telling me you have.

3- Share this giveaway post on your Facebook wall!

Good luck!

Contest ends 4/11/13 at noon.


17 thoughts on “The Good Bean Giveaway!

  1. So I am so exited about these products that I can actually eat!!! The sweet cinnamon sounds delicious and the chocolate berry bar looks amazing I would love to try both of these:) I also liked the good bean page!!

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