Little Blessings.

 Irregardless of the fact that I’ve been sick for the past four days, I’ve been blessed beyond belief.  In fact, this post should probably read, “BIG blessings”.

Blessing #1 – After Easter Sunday, looking back through pictures of the day, I had a few moments of overwhelming gratitude… for my family, its traditions, its faith, and its love.  I can’ t imagine how hard it must be for people who aren’t quite as fortunate as I am, who haven’t been raised in a Christian home, who aren’t told ALL the time how much they’re loved… not just by their parents, but loved by Jesus.


My heart breaks for those kids, and I’m humbled because I have been given that.  The most amazing gift in the universe.  I’m not saying we don’t have flaws, or that our family is picture perfect, because its not, but I certainly would do anything for any one of them.  We’ve laughed together, cried together, praised together, grieved together, we’ve fought, hugged, kissed, and strong-armed our way through the bumps in the road that life had in store.  There are a few people in our family who always seem to find ways to pull us back together when we start to fall apart.  My Momma is definitely one of them.  We all got together this week to celebrate her birthday.


She is one very special lady…. and a VERY, VERY, VERY big blessing ♥


A few of us brought flowers!  Some for Easter, some to celebrate her birthing day 😉


As a gift, I made her this floating frame using photos that I had taken of numbers and letters that I found “in nature”.  I was tempted to order one for her, because I saw them for purchase online, but I figured… I could easily make my own!  Plus, it’s more sentimental homemade.  The clock “C” is actually a clock in Jarid and my house, the “O” is a drain in the bathrooms where I work, the “X” is the handle to the sink in the bathroom where I work, the “E” is a three hole punch from work, both “8” photos were taken at home — they’re candles!  You get the picture, I assume.

Blessing #2, 3, & 4- I’ve won a total of THREE giveaways for some of my FAVORITE things over this past week.


First, Vega soy-free, gluten-free chocolate protein powder from The Healthy Apple’s Facebook giveaway.  The best part about this one, was that my friend Julie won, too!

Next, the Run, Eat, Repeat Questbar giveaway (probably the one I’m most excited about!) I eat those things like they’re going out of style!


Just when I thought I couldn’t love that little red-headed Mexican any more than I already to 😉

And last, but certainly not least, Julie’s giveaway of Formulx protein powder, which is also soy-free and gluten free!


I cannot wait to get experimental with my protein powders!  Thank you ladies all so much for hosting such amazing giveaways, and thank you Jesus for looking out for my gluten-free/soy-free needs 🙂  Buying “fun stuff” for food allergies/sensitivities can be expensive!  Lord knows I don’t always have the extra cash to shell out… I know He will ALWAYS provide, though.

Blessing #5– I am finally feeling normal again!  I can’t tell you how many times Jarid would slip in a, “Lord, please heal Sam and take away her sickness“, during our bedtime prayers together.


Then there are his hilarious text messages…   But really, thank GOD for this blessing, because I was beginning to wonder what the heck was happening to me!  I had the worst headaches, body aches, nasal congestion, chest cough, blood shot eyes, etc.  Luckily, I didn’t have to take too much time off of work… Just a 1/2 hour in the morning.  It always seemed to be worst RIGHT when I woke up.

For me, finding “blessings” everyday are God’s little gifts to us.  I just feel SUCH a peace that nothing is coincidence and it’s so neat to look back at something and see that, “Hey!  God planned that 🙂  He’s so cool.”

Happy Almost Friday!


One thought on “Little Blessings.

  1. This post was just absolutely incredible and so beautiful to read. To hear the way you talk about your family just brightens my day. You are such an incredible lady! I am in love with your sentimental birthday gift to your Mom She is one lucky lady =)

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