Resurrection Day

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and spent time praising Jesus, celebrating his resurrection with your family & friends, and eating delicious food.  I know Jarid & I did!  The festivities all started on Friday night for us.  In our family, Good Friday means coloring Easter eggs and a potluck meal/snacks with the family.  When I got home from work, before we left for Momma & Poppa Cox’s house, I noticed something rather exciting which took me by surprise when I drove up the driveway…

There was COLOR in my flower beds!  Spring has officially sprung.  I was cracking up when Jarid got home that night because he asked me if I liked the “dead bushes” in our flower beds… I said “not really” and two minutes later, he was knocking on the door to show me this…


I couldn’t believe he just ripped it out of the ground like that… especially in his work clothes!  Hahaha.  We changed clothes and were on our way out the door to get our paint on before we knew it.

I absolutely adore family get-togethers.  I appreciate them so much more NOW than I did when I lived with my parents.  I really look forward to seeing everyone when the holidays come around.  Family traditions are something that I never plan to let fade.  I can’t wait to have a little Snyder to add to the plethora of children in our family.

Don’t let me fool you.  I painted, too!


My favorite part is seeing all of the different variations when we’re finished.

Every year, my Aunt Teena takes the time and makes the effort to make an egg with ALL the names of the family members (and friends) in attendance at the event on ONE egg.  Girls in pink, boys in blue.  She’s got talent!  AND patience.  I also loved Jarid’s rainbow egg!  I made one with our names & our wedding date… a few actually.


We were zonked by the time we got home and pretty much went to sleep directly.  Saturday morning, I got a nice workout in and then showered and headed out to meet the fam for some Easter shopping after eating my new favorite soup. COLD.  Don’ t knock it til ya try it.  I also ate a salad on the side, but it wasn’t very photogenic.


 Every year, the girls and I get Easter outfits that coordinate with one another so that we don’t look clashy in photos.


I haven’t been shopping for quite awhile, and I found each of these cute sheer blouses at Rue21 for $7 each.  I got home to find that they had charged me $10 for each of them… which still isn’t bad, but I probably would’ve narrowed it down to just two vs. four had I known.  I am actually planning to take back my receipt because they were definitely on a rack that had a big ole’ $7 sign on top.  I think I’ve only ever been to Rue21 once before in my life and it was at an outlet.  It’s not somewhere I would typically shop.  It was a lovely day with my family, out and about.  We had a blast just browsing in stores.

Post shopping trip, Jarid & I had a Wegman’s dinner date followed by March Madness on TV.


This is a recycled photo, but I really do get a mix of a bunch of hot bar items every single time.  Same exact ones 🙂  They hit the spot like no other.  Recently, though, they brought back my favorite Tri-Color Chickpea Salad!

Sunday morning, I couldn’t wait until after 9am to give Jarid his Easter basket.  I was entirely too excited to see his reaction to the Spiderman basket I found!  It’s his favorite 😉

I loaded his basket full of all his number one chocolate candies: Butterfinger eggs (which I searched high and low to find, but finally snatched them up at Walmart!), Snickers eggs, and Reece’s eggs.  I also got him a teal t-shirt from American Eagle because I knew the color would look amazing on him.  I asked Jarid if we could PLEASE set a $20 max on our Easter baskets because I really didn’t want him to spend a lot on me.  There’s nothing I need!


He agreed, but I know he did not live up to his deal.  He gave me all of my favorite goodies: Cinnamon Roll Questbars, Trident White  gum, Sugar free peppermint patties, Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate Chocolove, and he placed little notes in my basket for me to do some “hunting”.  There were two Mango Coconut Kevitas in the fridge, and he had hidden a cute little sundress from Target in a box in our coffee table.  He’s such a stinker!


From there, we each ate breakfast:  a protein shake & a potato for me, 10 butterfinger eggs for him – and I headed downstairs for my workout.  I showered up and we decided to relax at home, watching a CLA podcast since we would be running around the rest of the day, instead of actually going to church like we would every other week.


Since we had a little extra time, too, we were able to stop and see my parents before we met up with Jarid’s family for lunch at the Snyders’.  It was perfect  because we dropped off Momma Cox’s hyacinth, got to take a few family photos, and Momma Cox had a surprise for Jarid & I!  She and Poppa Cox are two of the most generous people I’ve ever known.  They are such givers… never looking for anything in return.  I don’t even feel deserving of everything they’ve always provided for me… a loving, Christ-based home life, a place I could always be myself, and an unconditional love that taught me so much.  I can only hope that Jarid and I manage to learn from them and become half they parents they’ve been to us someday.


Seems that I didn’t take a photo of the beautiful Easter basket that she and Pops put together for us, but I can tell you that it was chock full of goodies!  They even gave us a $25 Wegman’s gift card and a $25 gift card for the movie theater!  We have been blessed by such amazing parents.  Not only for the things they give us, but for the people they are.


We were also gifted some of my favorite coffee for the Keurig machine, gummy bears, sour patch kids, swedish fish, snickers, and cadbury eggs (for Jarid), along with Old Navy flip flops, an adorable striped shirt, and sweater from Old Navy for me!


I’m already wearing the striped one to work today.. that’s how much I loveeeee it.   Oh!  And I got MORE Questbars, too!  I love them.  I literally eat one every single day.  Soon, we were all digging into our Easter basket goods.


I have the most beautiful sisters in the world, for the record 🙂

After our pitstop, we were off  to lunch with the in-laws.  The day really couldn’t have been more perfect, unless maybe if the rain would’ve held off.


These people are definitely another huge blessing in my life.  God has given me some of the best in-laws that I could’ve ever imagined.  I never thought it would be possible to find a family as loving and as welcoming as my own, but through Jarid, I did.  Not only do I mesh well with them, but they mesh well with my family, too.  We’re all one big happy family 🙂  And Grandma Hess?  Does it really get any cuter than her?  I think not.  She even made me a beautiful scarf that Momma Snyder put in an Easter basket for Jarid & I!  Between my family & his family, we were SO spoiled.


Dori asked me to say the prayer and I happily obliged.  Then, we grubbed!  I made this Cheesy Zucchini Quinoa recipe and a random chickpea salad (avocado, yellow pepper, carrots, red onion, and an orange juice/lime juice/apple cider vinegar dressing).  There was chicken and ham, and Momma Snyder made some oven roasted veggies– broccoli, cauliflower, and yellow squash!


After the meal, we spent a little time chatting, and Jarid’s Aunt & Uncle visited.  Soon after, it was time to haul ourselves back over the mountain to Momma Cox’s house!  I just couldn’t bring myself to miss all the kids’ festivities.


First was the egg hunt… yes… in the rain.

…and next was the pinata, followed by a candy scramble.  I remember being their age and doing all these fun things.  It’s times like these, that I really miss my Mama.   We used to have Easter over and she & my Aunt Candy’s house.   There were so many Easters that I remember opening Easter baskets from Nana and TT on Mama’s porch with Bran.  She and I were inseparable!  The pinata was always strung to the tree right outside Mama’s house.  She would always sit in her lawn chair with her cute, cute sandals and white, windbreaker jacket and her yellow and white egg shaped earrings which only made an appearance every Easter.  One cool thing about the rain, is that it felt like there were holes in the floor of Heaven and she was watching us that day.

I am just thoroughly enjoying the time that I have with the loved ones that I do have here on Earth, cherishing every second!


Little Bowman and Nana tried their best to keep warm…


…as did Jarid & I!  He was fine in his new short-sleeved tee… but I was like an ice cube!

The rest of the night, we watched the Duke/Louisville game and snacked (we never actually had a sit-down dinner…  Unfortunately, I DID see poor Kevin Ware’s injury.  I could not believe how his leg just snapped like that.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  We were sad to see the blue devils lose… especially because that meant our bracket was out the window.  We had them winning it all!  I’d love to see Louisville come out on top to honor their injured teammate, now that our team is out.

The night concluded with a big glass of almond milk & one of my Easter treats.



Happy Belated Easter!  ❤


3 thoughts on “Resurrection Day

  1. I love all of your Easter eggs! We dyed some this year too, but we didn’t have the patience to paint them too. My dad usually wins the creativity award with some crazy plaid design, but this year I gave him a run for his money by stenciling the logos for my favorite baseball teams on eggs using a clear crayon!

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