Saturday Madness.

Friday night started out with a bang as Jarid & I went with a few of his friends from high school to watch March Madness games at the Fox & the Hound.


The guys ordered some appetizers & beers, but I wasn’t feeling anything at all.  I had just eaten dinner before we went!  Bar food really isn’t my thing, but I knew it’d be a blast to hang out with them all and watch some basketball on the big screens.  Going into Saturday, our bracket was in the 96.3 percentile and Jarid and I were excited.



Our bubble was bursted after that… I still can’t believe Gonzaga lost and that LaSalle beat Kansas State!  And for the first time EVER, a 15th seed (AKA Florida Gulf Coast?!?!) made it to the Sweet 16.  Un-stinking-believable.

Anyway, enough with THIS madness and on to the next.  Saturday morning, I got a decent workout in.

Post workout, I made a few “take-alongs” to keep my tummy happy while Pops and I hit the Mall!  One of my little toted Tupperware containers contained some Salmon Cakes that I made for the first time.


I used this line up of onion powder, black pepper, parsley, cayenne pepper, salt, and dill mixed about a teaspoon of each with a Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon pouch + 1 tbsp. Olive Oil mayo + 1 tbsp. lemon juice.

From there, I simply combined all these ingredients with 1 whole egg and 1/8 C. Bob’s Red Mill Organic Oat Bran.  I plopped the batter into the non-stick sprayed pan in an effort to make three equally sized “cakes” and allowed them to cook through before flipping…pancakes

…and dipped them in Reduced Sugar Ketchup on the way to meet Dad.  I also  chomped on some roasted butternut squash that I made in the oven while the salmon was on the stove-top.  Yummy on-the-go lunch.


I never really get much time with just my Daddy anymore, so it was awesome that I could spend the entire afternoon with him!


For Christmas, Jarid and I bought him a Wii game… the newest Call of Duty… but apparently it wasn’t compatible with their gaming system at home so we had to return it for him.  It’s not easy finding something for my Dad’s gift that I really think he’s going to be excited about, so I was bummed when the one we had didn’t work out.  Momma & Pops do SO much for Jarid & I… we wanted to do something special for him.


When Jarid saw that one of the greatest Steelers football players of all time was going to be autographing at a local mall, we knew it was the PERFECT thing.  Jarid bought the ticket online, and since he had to leave for a fantasy baseball draft Saturday morning, I had the honors of going along to meet Franco Harris!


The place was a mad house.  There were SO many people in line… and we were at the end of it 🙂

I was kind of thankful though, because, like I said, it gave us more time to chat! It was the best Daddy-daughter time we’ve had in a long time.



Dad was mid-sentence when the photographer took this shot, but thankfully, before I stepped into the frame, I got a few good takes of just the two of them while Dad shook his hand and while he was signing Dad’s throwback jersey.

Afterward, I went home to change into a bit nicer attire, threw a Quest Bar in my purse + an apple, and hit the road again.


The fantasy baseball draft was at my cousin Brandi’s house.  She and her husband JarEd were hosting, so I was headed there to meet up with my Jarid.


He was decked out in Braves gear when he left home this morning!

It was great to see Brandi & Bowman, even if it was only for an hour or two.

How the heck could anyone not fall in love with this little guy?

From the draft, Jarid & I planned to go to a local wineryArmstrong Valley Winery, to be exact.  Jarid’s cousin, Koby, and a few other players from their team, are trying to raise money to play soccer overseas! I thought it was the perfect opportunity to help out a friend/family member and to have a fun Saturday night.


I’ve been wanting to see this place since it opened, so I was pretty excited to go.


The cost was just $15 for all the wine tasting you could want, a bunch of snacks/desserts, and karaoke!


The inside of the barn isn’t huge, but it is beautiful.  Quaint and homey with a shabby chic feel.  I saw out back as we pulled in that it looked as if they were adding on!

We got there pretty early… before all the madness  began 🙂


Our first stop was the wine tasting!  The menu is pretty extensive, but it was informative for newbies like me.

I liked that each description was spot on.  It gave me an idea of some of the wines I’d like to taste since I had absolutely no clue what I was doing 🙂

Before I knew it, I had chosen 4 or 5 that I wanted to sample.

Pinot Gris: semi-dry – aromas of pear, apple and/or melon

Vidal Blanc: semi-sweet – fruity floral with grapefruit and pineapple notes

Peach: sweet

Pinot Noir: Oak Aged/dry – fruity, herbal, lighter in color and tannins.  Spicy and aroma reminiscent of plums and violet

Of them all, my favorite came last…

Ice House: very sweet – ice wine, intense Vidal Blanc flavors.

^ For those of you who are clueless as I am regarding wines, ice wine, is simply made from frozen grapes in smaller batches.  Thus, the pricey, thinner bottle.


After tastings were finished, we found a table amongst all the family members who had slowly filtered in, and claimed our seats.

Jarid and I made some snack plates, next.


Celery, green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, & white cheddar Popcorners.

It was so much fun to be able to spend time with the family while we were there!  I could not have ever asked for more wonderful in-laws ❤  Later on, all the girls in the family actually did Karaoke together… “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy“, actually.  HA.

Thankfully, that ensued AFTER a few more drinks 😉


Our weekend was FILLED with madness, literally running from one thing to the next… and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Cheers to Saturdays!


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