Modern Day Billy Madison.

That’s right.  I’m back in school.  I know I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before, but this Spring I’m taking two courses – Marketing & Aquatics.  Would you believe that I needed a P.E. credit, of all things, after playing on the college’s basketball team for two years?  Yeah, me neither.  Anyway, it’s actually kind of fun because it gives me a different type of workout.


I used to be a member of the swim team back in Junior High, but I hadn’t gotten a pool workout since then… Until now.  Two nights a week, after working a full day, I haul my butt to campus for an hour each session.


I started off enrolling in Aquatics I, because I thought it was the most basic class, but was quickly moved to Aquatics II after the instructor saw me swim a few times.


Some days, I’m really not thrilled to be leaving my husband at home while I go splash around in the water, but I am fortunate in that my other class is online, so I can do work for Marketing in the comfort of my own home.  What’s hardest is planning a dinner that won’t weigh me down in the water, but gives me enough energy to perform.


That’s where SKOUT Organic Trail Bars have been coming into play.


*Side note: Man, I could use a manicure*

They’re the perfect size, have great nutritional stats, and provide me with that little energy kick that I need and a content belly without the FULL feeling.

skout facts

There are 18g of sugar in one of these bars, but that’s because dates are nature’s candy.  A simple, recognizable ingredients list is key for me when I’m choosing fuel.  I don’t want a bunch of additives, preservatives, and just plain JUNK in my body or I’ll FEEL like junk.


Needless to say, these bars are sweet and taste like dessert.  Did you expect anything less with flavors like Chocolate + Peanut Butter, Chocolate + Coconut (my favorite), Apple + Cinnamon (Jarid’s favorite – aka, Apple Pie), Cherry + Vanilla, & Blueberry + Almond?  I’m okay with skipping dinner and heading straight for dessert, how about you?

Don’t worrryyy… when I get home from class (sometimes around 8:30PM), I eat a legitimate “dinner”.  It’s fun to eat the sweet stuff first, though… especially when it’s this healthy!  These would also be great snacks for back packers and hikers!  In fact, here’s the story behind the company:


Jason & Scout make quite a pair!  I feel Jason’s pain… I’ve only been stuck in a “cubicle” — now an office — for 5 years and I’m already antsy!  Thus, the going back to school part.

Anyway, I’m definitely a fan of Skout Organic Trail Bars.  They’re yummy crumbled up on top of greek yogurt, too!  You can buy some online and have them conveniently shipped right to your doorstep!  They even offer up a sampler of all the flavors, so you can find your favorite!

Thanks so much to Jason for sending me a few of his awesome bars to review!


2 thoughts on “Modern Day Billy Madison.

  1. I wanna try!!! I love trying new bars 🙂 And swimming is one heck of a workout, so there’s no doubt you are going to beast it up in the class and kick its booty!

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