Wonderful Wednesday

I feel super spoiled even posting about all the fun stuff I’ve gotten to be a part of lately.  Without making you  guys too envious, I’d like to show you what came in the mail this past week to the Snyder household.

photo 1

A wholllleee lotta Chobani goodness.  I’m going to be tasting real for quite a long time, thanks to these generous friends (especially Shawn & Ashley) who put together this sweet customized box of NEW flavors for me to try!

photo 2

It didn’t stop with the 2% Banana and the 0% Pear, though… they even through in some of each of the Chobani bites!!! Hellooo (non)guilty pleasures.


THIS one is my favorite so far… Caramel with Pineapple Chunks.  It tastes divine.  Like the classic Chobani flavors, it’s packed with protein (8g).


The bite cups are a bit smaller (a little over half the size of the originals – 3.5 oz. as opposed to 6oz), and make the perfect little 100 calorie snack– or dessert, in my case.  I can’t wait to dig into the rest of the flavors!  Jarid’s favorite is the 0% Pear.


In other news, I finally got to redeem my gift certificate this week, for the Living Social massage Jarid bought me as a present quite awhile ago.  It was a total treat for me to be able to leave work early, putting in leave, of course, and then head to Hummelstown for the best massage experience I’ve ever had in my life.


I arrived at Brownstone Station Massage & Bodywork around 2:50PM.  My massage was scheduled for 3PM.  I was greeted by Adrienne Mohn, herself, who, I might add, has magic hands and a heart of gold.  I have had three or four massages in the past and none even came close to this one.  My package actually was considered the “Trio Sampler“:

This 3 Key Element session plan is as follows….Sugar foot scrub using therapeutic grade essential oils followed by foot reflexology, and finishing with a Full body Swedish Relaxation Massage including head and facial massage.

The coolest part is, Adrienne hand crafts each and every one of her own Organic Sugar Scrubs!  I was half-tempted to buy one.  They smell amazing and come in scents like cocoa, lemon drop, grapefruit peppermint, and citrus lavender.  


The ambiance was soothing and really helped me unwind.  I used the bathroom before we got started so my small bladder wouldn’t catch up to me half-way through the session.  Adrienne asked me a few questions for my customer profile and before long I was under the covers waiting for my treatment to start!   First, came the sugar foot scrub.  Adrienne kindly offered up an herb infused eye mask so I could really let the muscles around my eyes relax, too.


My iPhone was struggling in the lighting conditions, but this is the sugar scrub she used on me, which she showed me afterward.  It smelled amazing and felt even better, although, it took all I had not to giggle sometimes when she hit a ticklish spot on my foot. The scrub was removed with warm wash cloths and led us straight into the reflexology part of the session.  It’s hard to choose, but I think this might’ve been my favorite part.



I think this is where the questions I answered before my session came into play.  I mentioned my thyroid problems and that I had a lot of neck and back pain sometimes, probably due to the fact that I have, in the past, overworked my body and put it through cardio hell (22 miles in one day without proper training).  I’m not sure how much of this detailed picture I’m a believer in, but what I do know, is that when I left after my massage, I felt like a new person.  Totally refreshed and just all-around GOOD.


Last was the full-body Swedish Relaxation Massage.  The entire session after the foot scrub, I was in this state of complete and utter relaxation.  You know that state you’re in right before you fall asleep?  Heck, I may have even dosed off for a bit.  My muscles were in heaven.  Afterward, she offered me some water and we chatted for a bit.  Like I said, she is such a sweetheart!

If you live in the Central PA area, and are in need of some pampering or even muscle “therapy”, check out Adrienne Mohn’s Brownstone Massage Facebook page or go to her website and schedule something (you can do it right through the site!)  You will be SO glad you did 😉

*Disclaimer: these honest opinions are all my own and I have not been compensated in any way for my review of Brownstone Massage.


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