How To Make The Most of Your Weekend.

#1 – Cuddle up after a long day at work on Friday and enjoy a Red Box movie together with some popcorn.  It may sound old school, but I swear there’s something super comforting and soothing about a fuzzy blanket, diet hot chocolate, and a flick like “FLIGHT” to keep you entertained on “date night”.



Not only is it cheap, but it’s so much more inviting than a cold movie theater where you can only sit so close together before the arm rest blocks you from touching your spouse.

Great movie, by the way.  It’s difficult to go wrong with Denzel.

#2 – Cook your man some french toast on Saturday morning — and yourself, too!  I enjoy cooking for my husband.  I think it’s our job to take care of our men (and to let them take care of us sometimes, too).  Traditional roles are fulfilling.  For me, anyway.

For mine, I used 100% whole wheat homemade bread from the bread maker, but for his, I used classic Italian from the grocery store.  He’s not a fan of whole wheat anything.

My bread fell apart a bit (I’m still not a professional baker), so I used his for the second set of photos, because they were much prettier.  Here’s the method I used:


Whisk together 1 egg + 6 tbsp. egg whites (we only had one egg left), add 1 tbsp. sugar free vanilla syrup (or a tbsp. of Splenda), 1/2 tsp. salt, a shake of cinnamon, and just a glug of unsweetened almond breeze.  Then, dunk your bread in the mixture and heat a pan on the stove top with a tbsp. of coconut oil in it.  Fry up the bread, and top with some Brummel & Brown with Sugar Free Log Cabin syrup.

#3 – After devouring breakfast, workout together!

If you’re seeing this, babe, don’t hate me for the butt shot.  I wanted to show you off working that ab circle.  😀

We did a mini circuit using the elliptical, stationary bike, ab circle, and laptop for fitness videos in our basement.  We had fun getting sweaty together.

**TMI alert**

Mom, you’re going to want to scroll past this part.

#4 – After your workout, save some water and shower together.  It’s fun, I promise (no photo for obvious reasons)

#5 – Visit family!  It’s Poppa Snyder’s birthday TODAY, but we both had to work, so we celebrated on Saturday!  En route, I ate some quinoa with green beans, tomatoes, and kale in a dressing of marinara sauce + garlic hummus.


Jarid ate some BelVita biscuits (which, he is absolutely addicted to).  The kid ate almost an entire box in one weekend.  Lucky for us, I was sent TWO boxes for a review, which is coming soon!


Anyway, we had a nice time visiting and got PUPPY FEVER because one of their neighbors had just gotten a Brittany. Jarid always talks about us getting one eventually, but I was reluctant.  Now, I’m sold!  As soon as we pay off some bills, I am all in.  We even have a name picked out already!

#6 – Grab a drink together.


His go-to lately has been Stella Artois, a Belgium import.

We actually ordered food while we were here, too.  I had a coupon from for $25, which was the whole purpose of our visit anyway.

I ordered just an appetizer and Jarid shared some of his NY Strip Steak with me.


I really liked this unique, colorful twist on a shrimp cocktail appetizer, though.  It was served with tomatoes and avocado + a lime to squeeze over the whole thing.  Very yummy.

#7 – Eat desert.

Preferably, one of Melzy’s creations… I recommend the Original Whatso Nutso Bar.  It was HEAVENLY!  Reminded me a LOT of a healthy version of Butterfingers.  Mmmm. More on this in a future review post!

Anyway, there are 7 simple steps to making your weekend a success.  Actually, let’s end on an even number… I wasn’t going to tease you with this, but since it worked out that way… 😉

#8 – Cook something together… like healthified Chicken Pot Pie!  Recipe coming to the  blog soon!



xo. Happy Monday!


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