Happiness is…

… coming home to a clean closet that you worked hard to organize.


…sleeping on your new, Serta iComfort Genius mattress.

…finishing up dishes in the kitchen only to enter the living room and finding this:


SERIOUSLY, the best ❤

…filling my belly with my weight in greens at my desk during lunch break.


Shredded romaine, green beans, cucumber, & avocado with a drizzle of Lite Gazebo Room Dressing +salt.

…watching your little sis kick some major butt on the basketball court and her team making it to the District Championship game

…looking at my phone to find that my cousin, Bran, had text me another adorable picture of Bowman… this one’s caption was, “having a bad hair day!”


…making homemade, simple kale & yellow squash soup and inhaling it for warmth on dreary, frigid wintery days.


…discovering that you CAN eat french fries and STILL be a clean eater 😉


a full review of CravOn Never Fried French Fries coming soon!

…an afternoon pick-me-up with healthy, nutritious benefits & no crappy ingredients.


FRS Healthy Energy Cans — try ’em!

low cal peach

…playing with dry ice… thanks, CravOn! 🙂


…being absolutely, 100% head over heels in love with your best friend.kisses

…receiving your 4lb. peanut flour shipment from iherb.com!




2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

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