Valentine’s Day 2013

Creative title, huh?  The other options were equally as original…

My First Valentine’s As  A Mrs.

A Newlywed Valentine’s Day

You get the picture.

Then I realized… the title doesn’t really matter all that much.. I mean, you’re here for the pictures and the story, right? Enough of the chit chat (;

Valentine’s Day this year came a little bit early, thanks to Momma & Poppa Cox.  We got to see them for a little bit on Wednesday night because we were in town for Jarid’s cousin’s basketball last home basketball game.  Afterward, before we left for home, they asked me to stop at their car.


Every year that I can remember, my Momma & Daddy have given my sisters and I each a Valentine.  Each time, it consisted of a red rose, a card, and some type of candy.


They even gave me a box of sugar-free chocolates.  I actually ate one of the chocolate truffles on the way home… it was yummy!  Are they or are they not the cutest parents in the universe?


As if that weren’t enough, they gave me this bracelet that says “Love you more“.  It’s kind of an inside thing between us… Every time I tell them I love them, they reply, “Love you more!”.  Momma Cox, especially has always reminded me that they love me “more”, but God loves me “most”.  I will always cherish this!

The next morning on Valentine’s Day,  I woke up a little bit early to put together a cute little plate to bring to Jarid in bed before I started my workout.


The Healthy Baking Co. sent me these awesome little Heart Thrives to review for the blog.  It was perfect because a package came with two of each flavor, so I was still able to try them all.  I knew off the bat that he would love the Raisin Spice and Cranberry flavors, so those were the ones I plated for him.  Hang tight for the review on these babies!

After working out and seeing each other off to work, we were counting down the hours until we could get home to each other again.


Meanwhile, about half-way through my work day, I received a special delivery from ProFlowers 🙂 Jarid was worried because I told him I may need to leave work a little early that day… he wasn’t sure if they’d come beforehand or not!  The card was my favorite part.  When I called to thank him, he asked how they looked, and I told him that they weren’t quite bloomed yet (they send them super fresh, and it takes some time), but that I knew they’d be beautiful!  He said he ordered 100 Peruvian Lilies ❤  I’ll post a picture when they’re fully bloomed, too.

After work, I went to pick up our meal.  We opted for take-out from the Thai Palace, which we’ve been wanting to try for awhile now.  I had ordered much earlier in the day and told them I’d be there to pick up at 5:15PM.


We found a deal on for $25 off a purchase of $45, which I only paid $10 for.  When I got there, I couldn’t help but look around.  The interior was so unique, and the live music would’ve been neat to experience, had we decided to go out.


I waited and waited and waited some more.  I will say, the staff is super friendly, and for the first 15 minutes after I arrived, the man who was providing the live music chatted me up in the lobby.  He was one of the sweetest older gentleman I’ve ever met.  He explained that he is from Hawaii and that he’s been playing his music for a very long time.  He actually told me that I need to come back to the restaurant and to bring my husband.  His name was Antonio (Tony) and he had nothing but good things to say about island life.


He’s even on Facebook and YouTube!  Apparently he’s got quite the following.  I can see why… he’s uber friendly and very good at what he does!

Anyway, it was 5:45PM and I still had yet to receive my order.  I had already paid or I may have just given up.  After a frustrating wait at the restaurant, I came home to this little set up.


Jarid had gotten home from work, lit all the candles we had in the house, and brought our gifts out for exchanging later.  Man, am I a lucky girl or what?

We feasted by candlelight.  I ordered Jarid a steak with fried rice, which the restaurant confused for beef fried rice, but he seemed to really enjoy it anyway.  I got an order of Chicken Pad Thai for us to share (we hardly made a dent!), which was absolutely delicious.


I picked the small Tom Yum Prawns soup to start:


Thai style hot n’ sour lemongrass soup with lime leaves and galanga topped with mushrooms, scallions, and cilantro with shrimp (they were at the bottom and you can’t really see them)

and the Green Curry with Shrimp for my meal.  It came with brown rice, but I saved that… I was too full and knew I wanted to save a little room for chocolate!


Fresh Kentucky green beans, onions, roasted eggplant, and sweet peas simmered in green curry coconut milks sprinkled with Kefir lime leaves.

Holy YUM.  SO worth the wait.  Everything we tried was SO flavorful…and the best part is, we have TONS of leftovers!  Jarid took his for lunch today and I think I’m saving the Pad Thai for his supper tonight.

After dinner, we exchanged gifts.


For Jare, I cut out little red paper hearts and taped messages to each of his favorite things… I just wanted him to know some of the many reasons why I loved him so much.  A few of them said things like…

“…because you’ll wake up early just to go on a walk with me”
(he’s SO not a morning person…)

“…because you handle our finances like a champ”
(he’s the bill payer & budgeter)

“…because you come down to the basement in the morning and give me a kiss while I’m working out”
(sometimes I act like I’m annoyed, but I secretly LOVE when he practically pulls me off the elliptical)

I tried to scrounge up all of his favorite snacks: Chex Mix, Cookie’s N’ Cream Hershey Bars, fruit Mentos, orange & white Tic Tacs, yogurt covered raisins, Sour Patch Kids, Take 5 bar, 2 boxes of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies, etc.



And then, I added this game, which my cousin Bran introduced me to.  She and her hubs always have the neatest games!

Plus one last thing… a $20 gift card for Arooga’s, because he loves their boneless honey bbq wings.

We kind of opened at the same time… it’s like a truce because neither of us ever wants to go first.


I’m pretty sure I did a little dance after each thing I opened 🙂  Cinnamon Roll Questbarsss ❤  An ENTIRE BOX!!!  He is amazing.


And probably my favorite item = an Origami Owl Living Locket.  I saw this on a friend’s Facebook and immediately fell in love with it.  He was with me on the couch when I let out an “awhhh!” while coming across it, so naturally he inquired (I totally forgot about it until I opened mine!)  So far, I’ve got an S for Snyder (until I buy the J – then the J will be for Jarid and the S will be for Sami), a cross, and his and my birthstone hearts.

I couldn’t believe there was still more after that.


Coconut Mocha K-Cups!  I’ve been out for awhile now, just using ground coffee & the re-useable cup that we bought… I had missed this flavor!

And lastly, three chocolate items!


He snagged this Pretzel Milk Chocolate bar from Baltimore in the Whole Foods!  I absolutely adore Chocolove.  You can bet I had a few pieces last night… I’ve come to the conclusion that the Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Sea Salt is STILL my favorite, though.  Oh, and I can’t forget the sugar-free Hershey’s peppermint patties that he snuck in the bag, too.

We left the candles lit, watched the episode of Modern Family that we missed last night, and then cuddled up some more for The Office at 9PM.  Nights out are SO overrated!

I feel so entirely spoiled!  I hope your Valentine’s Day leaves you feeling that way, too ❤



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