Comes and Goes.

I swear, before I know it’s the weekend, it’s already gone.  It happens so fast that I can’t even remember sometimes what we’ve done or where we’ve gone during those two days off of work.  Thank goodness I’m a blogger so I’ve got pictures to jog my memory 😉


There was no where we HAD to be and nothing we HAD to do on Saturday, which is the optimal opportunity for getting in a good workout.  I can take my time making my way to the basement after sleeping in until about 8:30am and eating a decent breakfast.  I need to break myself of the habit that I’ve gotten into where, I really want to try different recipes for breakfast on days like this, but I’m too focused on what else I could be doing… like getting the house cleaned up.  It takes much less time and effort to throw two pieces of Rudi’s in the toaster, slather it up with Brummel & Brown, and devour (usually still while standing).  Then, after my workouts, I have my protein shake.  The same exact one I’ve written about before.

At least I made something new for the hubs & I for lunch, right?


Okay, so it was comfort food…from a box.  It was organic, so it’s got to count for something, right?  Annie’s 5-Grain Elbows & White Cheddar to be exact.  You haven’t seen the best part yet, though.


Yep.  I went there. Turkey bacon mac n’ cheese.  Totally healthy.  In fact, it’s packed with healthy nutrients including fiber, iron, thiamin and niacin.  Not to mention the 8 grams of whole grains per serving.  We had some green beans on the side for veggie power, but they weren’t nearly as exciting as this.

After lunch, we went to support the HACC girls’ basketball team that I had played on last year and the year before.  I found out when we got to the game, that my coach would also be inducted into the Hall of Fame at half-time of the boys’ game, just afterward!


I scored this free t-shirt at halftime of the women’s game.  There was a shooting competition.  Anyone who wanted to participate was allowed.  We formed a line at 1/2 court and the first person to make a basket won this shirt.  No one made a 1/2 court shot, so eventually we were told to move to the 3-point line.  Jarid was right in front of me, and I was almost positive that he’d win before I would.  He kicks my butt in “PIG” all the time.  It was a lucky shot, but I’m never one to turn down free clothing!  It’s UnderArmour and everything!

Another highlight from Saturday…

We got curtains for the sliding glass door in our dining room that leads to the deck!  I’m in love with the color and they were on sale at Target for $20 — we saved $20!

On the way home, we stopped at Bamboo for a froyo treat

Salted caramel pretzel.  MY FAVORITE!  It was only about 40 degrees outside, but it still tasted amazing.

We made one more pit stop before we got home…


We love having movie nights at our house and Redbox is only about two minutes away.  Hope Springs was the choice!  It featured Steve Carell, Meryl Streep, and Tommy Lee Jones.  It had a good mix of love, comedy, and drama.  Basically, an older couple is looking to rekindle the fire in their marriage and they go to Carell, a counselor in Hope Springs.  It was pretty good.

For all other Redbox users, you can get a free rental!  Just use the promo code: DVDONME at the kiosk!


Jarid enjoyed a Nugget Nectar while I sipped on Trilogy Kombucha.


I’ve got more to tell you about our weekend… especially about the speaker who was at our church on Sunday, but it’s going to need its own post.  Just google “Reggie Dabbs” and you’ll find out why 😉 Uh.may.zing service.


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