Skinny Noodles Shirataki

Before I start this review, I need to make sure I thank Erika from Skinny Noodles for sending me such an awesome, fully-stocked package of Skinny Noodles products for this review.  I was not monetarily compensated to write about the company, but I was provided the product free of charge.  However, the things I write are all my own opinions and I, in no way would ever vouch for something that I didn’t completely believe was true.


Let me start with a bit about the company…Their mission statement:

Our mission is to find healthy, traditional foods from Japan and other Asian countries, adapt them to the modern western diet, and introduce them to Americans for easy, delicious meals.”

The MAKER of Skinny Noodles and Skinny Rice, Genki USA, Inc., was established in Torrance, California, USA to provide beneficial food products that contribute to overall health and well-being.  The literal translation of “Genki” from Japanese is “enthusiastic, energetic, lively, and healthy.”


They make Shirataki Rice and Shirataki NoodlesSpinach Fettuccini, Angel Hair, and Spaghetti.

First up on my list to try, as you may remember from this post, was the Spinach Fettuccini.  They’re super easy to prepare and a lovely vibrant green color.


The directions on the package tell you:

Step 1: Open package over sink and drain Skinny Noodles into a colander.

Step 2: Rinse well to remove the natural earthy scent. This unique scent is naturally occurring from the alkaline content of water.

Step 3: Drain well.

It also mentions on the website that you can boil the noodles, but it’s really unnecessary if you’re looking for a quick meal.


But… how much fun is following the directions?  I actually found a much easier way to do it… and I didn’t have to dirty a colander 😉  Simply put, I cut one of the corners off the bag and squeezed out as much water as possible from the bag of noodles, while they were still inside.  Then, I cut the rest of the top of the bag off and dumped the noodles right onto a large, clean tea towel.  I proceeded to blot off all the water, until the noodles were almost completely dry and then plopped them into a bowl.  I microwaved them for about 1 minute and then put them back onto the tea towel to blot them off again, removing any and all excess water.  It makes it much easier for any sauce you might add to stick to the noodles if they’re completely dry.


Next, add your sauce.  I chose this Giada De Laurentiis Pepper and Eggplant Tomato “spread” for my noodles and it ended up being a total hit.  It actually paired perfectly with the spinachy taste of the noodles!  The best part was… this HUGE bowl of pasta was just 70 calories.  No joke.  There are technically 15 calories in 1/2 bag… but let’s be honest… who’s going to eat half a bag of 15 calorie noodles?!    The sauce had 20 calories per tbsp and I used two.

Check out the nutrition facts from the noodle bag if you don’t believe me.  I know, right?! In the entire bag of Spinach Fettuccini Shirataki Noodles, you get 90% of your DV Iron, 16% DV Calcium and 12% of your DV Vitamin A.

The ingredients are simple & identifiable, too (another reason they’re so awesome):

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Konnyaku Glucomannan, Calcium Hydroxide and Spinach Powder 

Not only are they super low in calories, but Glucomannan, the main ingredient of Skinny Shirataki Noodles, is made from konnyaku root.  Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber and absorbs toxic substances that are produced during digestion and elimination. It binds with the toxins and eliminates them before they can be absorbed into the blood stream. In the process, it also helps to maintain the health and integrity of the digestive system including the bowel.

Healthy digestion is SO important!


When I first opened each package, the smell got to me a little bit, but after you microwave them, it’s almost completely gone.

Skinny Noodle

The Spaghetti and Angel Hair varieties were yummy as well!  I never imagined how versatile they could be, too! The varieties other than the Spinach Fettuccini have ZERO calories!!   Talk about guilt-free!!


They’re even twirlable (yes, that’s a word), like regular pasta!

Do me a favor and try some with this sauce:

It is super creamy & delicious.  They’re also fantastic with Light Laughing Cow cheese wedges melted and mixed in!   You can literally replace them with any pasta in recipes.

I can’t wait to try some of the recipes on the website!  I haven’t had the opportunity to try the rice yet, but I’m thinking of using a bag for THIS.


Skinny Rice Pudding made with greek yogurt?!  Is there anything you can’t do with this stuff?!

Some other awesome tidbits about Skinny Noodles? You get FREE SHIPPING with every order from their website.  Plus, first time customers get 10% off their first order with promo code: FIR10. BONUS POINTS– They’re MADE IN THE USA!!

I’ll keep you posted on any future Skinny Noodle recipes that I come up with, too 🙂  In the meantime, why don’t you go show their Facebook page some love.


4 thoughts on “Skinny Noodles Shirataki

  1. I’ve tried these before but I didn’t cook them right so they tasted very weird haha. Thanks for your tips, will have to try them again!

  2. Oh, I have been eating the Miracle Noodle brand for years…really enjoy them..use them stir frys, soups and especially adding my favorite sauces! ..

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