Superbowl Weekend in Baltimore

We didn’t actually plan it this way… Jarid and I aren’t Ravens fans or anything, but remember back at Christmas time?  When Jarid gave me Beauty & the Beast tickets for the Hippodrome in Baltimore?  They were for this past weekend!  You can only imagine how hyped up the city-folks were.


We checked into our hotel room at about 7:30-8PM Friday night.  Immediately after we dropped our bags into our 10th floor room, we sprinted to the window like two kids.


We knew the view had to be phenomenal since we were up so high.  It did not disappoint.  See those red lights?  Just under them is the harbor.  You could literally see the water gleaming and reflecting all the city lights.  It was absolutely stunning.


After settling into our room, we didn’t waste any time and began to explore the hotel.  Little did we know, our hotel was connected to Baltimore Maryland’s Premier Healthy Club & Gym, MAC.


The place was unbelievable.  Since we were staying at the Hilton Garden Inn, we had free access to the entire facility… EVEN the classes.  I was tempted to take the Sunday morning spin class, but Jarid was a little nervous about protecting the boys since we’ve heard it can be painful without the proper shorts.


The entire facility was so well kept.  It almost felt like more of a spa than a gym!


We looked around and found a spin studio, racquetball courts, private training rooms, a therapy pool, a spa, an exercise only (laps) pool, and two dance studios.


If Jarid and I come back to Baltimore again, I think we’ve decided that we will definitely be booking this place again… if for no other reason, for the gym access!


Next, we walked around the area close to our hotel.  Wouldn’t  you know it, I found a Lululemon!


I can safely say, the store totally lived up to the hype around the blogland.  This entire wall of tanks was pretty neat, and I was in love with the zip-up finger-hole hoodies.


As much as I loved the stuff, I could never imagine paying all that money for clothing… even if it were stitched with gold.   I’m more of a thrifter.  Lululemon shopping was purely window shopping for me, and I was perfectly content with that 🙂


Next, we stopped at J.Crew just to take a gander –another one of my favorite brands.  Again, I had the same issue as with Lululemon.  Great clothes, ridiculous prices.  They didn’t even have a clearance rack for goodness sake!

[Insert jokes about being too cheap here]

Soon, we turned in for the night.  We wanted to be well rested to hit up the gym in the morning and do/see all that we could the next day!

We woke up around 8AM and was at the gym by about 8:30AM.  I was super disappointed in myself for the lackluster workout that I forced myself to do.  I wasn’t feeling so great (headache & congestion), so we cut it short.  After all, we’d be walking a TON, so I kept that in mind.

Jarid hit up the Continental Breakfast for $7 and I bought a protein drink at the gym for $4 which I poured over some FiberOne cereal and ate with a banana.  From there, we went back into the city for some more window shopping.


Anthropologie was probably my favorite stop.  It gave me a ton of great DIY ideas for the house.  It is the ultimate shabby chic decor store and we had a blast looking around.



I’ve decided to make a mirror like this.  It’s literally just small, cut pieces of wood (possibly sticks) that look like mini stumps.  All I’d need to do is create a frame, find a decent rectangular mirror (cheap), and assemble with hot glue.


Oh, and this, too!  Bend some cheap silverware, attach it to a neatly designed piece of metal and spray paint the entirety black.  Easy enough, right?!


I never realized how much more that the store had to offer than just clothing… I mean, there were entire rooms set up and adorable pottery/dishes everywhere.


Again, no purchases were made.  I was proud of myself!


Closer to the harbor, we paused to take a few fun pictures.


I found this handsome capt’n and decided to bring him along with me.


For old time’s sake, we went to It’s Sugar! to check out all the crazy candy they made available.


They had these HUGE snickers bars on sale for $14.95 (20% off), but instead of buying one, Jarid just helped himself to the samples and got his fix 😉  I passed, however, because I knew what was coming at lunchtime and I wanted to save as much room as possible — more about that later.ripleys

This Ripley’s was new to us!


We didn’t pay to go in, but we admired it from the outside… there was a lot of cool things to see before actually going into the attraction.  Can you tell what that mural of soda cans is supposed to be?? I’ll give you a hint… MJ.

Being the Transformers fans that we are, we were PUMPED to see Bumblebee in Baltimore! 🙂

By the time we were finished downtown, I was more than ready for lunch… in fact, I was hangry.  Wouldn’t you know it, our hotel was LESS than 2 blocks away from the Hilton where we stayed.


I was spoiled, I know!


  My little brown box was filled with things like garlic green beans, salmon salad made with non-fat yogurt, celery, and red peppers, wheatberry salad with butternut squash, onions, and feta, quinoa slaw with purple cabbage, carrots, and apple cider vinegar, and sweet potato noodles with spicy chicken and vegetables.  Oh, and I got a small cup of black bean soup that was delicious, too.

We meandered around inside, checking up and down the aisles for different things that we couldn’t find at our grocery stores near home.  It’s probably best that I don’t live close to one of these Whole Foods Markets… there’s a reason why it’s nicknamed, “Whole Paycheck” in healthy living bloggerland.

We did some more walking after lunch to relieve our full bellies.


We both talked about how much we wished the ESPN Zone was still there.  We had each only been there once, but from what we could remember, it was a lot of fun!  Like a huge arcade for adults.


It had been frigid cold the entire time we were there, but we did our best to tough it out.  I, unfortunately, could hardly feel my legs by the time we reached the hotel room again — the cure?  Some time in the HOT TUB, which was next on the agenda.

We brought some Whole Foods goodies back to the hotel for a nice relaxing dinner in the room and then we took our time getting ready for the big event!


I wore a dress and he wore a shirt & tie.  We enjoy getting dressed up every now and then for our dates.  After curling my hair and retouching my makeup, it was time to go!

Due to the fact that it’s considered impolite to take photos in the Hippodrome, and because of copyright issues, I don’t have any from the play… but I tried to be sneaky and get a few of the interior so I could remember how gorgeous it was inside.

The show was fabulous.  Breathtaking, actually.  There were a few times that I wanted to sing out the songs SO badly, but I figured that would probably be frowned upon, so I opted to lip sync the words passionately to Jarid.
I was sad to see it end, but happy to have had the opportunity to see it at all, thanks to the most amazing husband in the universe ❤


We left in style.

Nope, not the limo.  This sexy little blue cobalt that Jarid drives 😉

Day I in Baltimore = success!  More on day 2 to come!


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